This Italian SUV oppresses its German rivals in the horsepower race

This Italian SUV oppresses its German rivals in the horsepower race

Maserati’s smaller RV, the new Grecale, can be ordered with up to 530 horsepower with F1 technology, but it will also be completely electric.

Its design language faithfully follows the new Maserati trend that began with the MC20. Click on the image, the gallery opens!Source: Maserati

Italian competitors to the Porsche Macan, BMW X3 and Mercedes GLC are available with a wide range of engines: a six-cylinder internal combustion engine, a four-cylinder soft-hybrid engine and an electric motor within a year (Fulgur version) . But what will not be a diesel engine. However, the Grecale is technically a close relative of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio (it shares the Giorgio platform) and can be had on diesel.

It’s less than a hundred in 3.8 seconds and has a top speed of 285 km/ha for the cupSource: Maserati

According to its manufacturer, the new SUV has the largest passenger and luggage compartment in its class, the latter 570 liters for Trofeo and 535 liters for other versions (the decrease is due to the fact that the battery of the soft hybrid system is located here). The chassis itself has a length of 4,846 mm and a wheelbase of 2,901 mm, which is down from 157 mm and 103 mm, respectively. to Levante compared to.

Grecale boom-shaped tail lights inspired by Giugiaro’s 3200 GTSource: Maserati

The traditional Maserati watch face remained in the center of the dashboard, but this time with a digital design, which was necessary for a voice-controlled digital assistant to use this screen as well. But there are also three screens from which to control the Maserati Intelligent Assistant infotainment system, the largest of which is 12.3 inches. Sonus Faber hi-fi comes with 14 speakers as standard and 21 speakers with High Premium.

What type of motors do you have?

A new RV is designed and manufactured at Maserati’s Modena Development Center in Cassino.Source: Maserati

The base version, called the GT, is powered by a 300-horsepower four-cylinder soft-hybrid system with a turbocharged engine; In the case of Modena, the drive itself – 330 hp; The top version of the Trofeo will be available with a 530-hp 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 petrol engine. that MC20 Super Car Based on Nettuno Animation Engine. The special feature of these six cylinders is pre-chamber ignition, a technology derived from Formula 1 that also increases efficiency and performance. The Nettuno has been slightly re-engineered for the Gracale, due to wet crankcase rather than dry crankcase lubrication (since, unlike the MC20, it is not expected to be used on a racetrack), it has also been made to shut off the cylinder. At partial load, one full row of cylinders stops, so you can drive with three cylinders and consume less if you don’t need as much engine power.

It is technically related to Alfa Romeo Stelvio, but contains more advanced technical solutionsSource: Maserati

Like its competitors (X3 M Competiton, Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio, Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 S+), the Grecale Trofeo accelerates to 100 km / h in 3.8 seconds, but its top speed (285 km / h) is higher because the Italians do it. Not using electronic editing.

There are no physical buttons in the center console, only touch screensSource: Maserati

Within a year, the engine range will be completed with a purely electric version with 400V technology, in which a 105 kWh battery will work. In addition, all that was revealed is that he will have 800 Nm of torque and accelerate to a hundred in 4.5 seconds.

High-quality materials such as aluminum, magnesium, wood, carbon fiber or leather were widely used in the cabin.Source: Maserati

With the exception of the GT, all versions get a self-locking differential on the rear axle, while all-wheel drive, an eight-speed ZF automatic transmission and adaptive suspension are also standard on the GT. For Trofeo and Modena, air suspension is also available at an additional cost, which improves not only comfort but also off-road capabilities with a clearance of 65mm.

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