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This is why tram rails often break down in Miskolc (with video)

This is why tram rails often break down in Miskolc (with video)

newly In the city center of Miskolc There were also a couple of places, going from the Tisza railway station, they slow down to a snail’s speed – a speed of 5 kilometers per hour tram. One of these places is between Centrum and Electric Police, and the other is where the tram leaves the Dayka Gábor utca and Hunyadi utca intersection. In the last place, the restriction has already been lifted.

The secret is revealed by this crazy railway break. That is why the 5 km speed limit is marked so that trains can pass through dangerous sections as accurately as possible.

It is fixed by welding

Through the press department of Miskolc City Hall, we asked about the condition of the railway breaks in Miskolc Városi Közlekedesi (MVK) Zrt. The gist of the very professionally worded answer – which you can read in full below – is just that

Masculek electrical bars are laid without gaps and are more susceptible to breakage due to temperature changes and other external influences. Until recovery, a speed limit will be introduced at the break site in order to ensure traffic safety.

The repair is by welding, which is mostly done at a time when there is not much traffic, as this is unthinkable without sealing the section. Before welding, the casing must also be removed at the cut site, so it is a key intervention.

tensile stress is generated

The specialists of MVK Zrt. Highlighting the situation from a professional point of view: “The urban tram in Miskolc Ortec-Isolast-II. The system, built with a smooth paved structure. One of the greatest advantages of gapless paved tracks is that tensile and compressive stresses from thermal fluctuations do not cause projection of the track, i.e. Significant deformations of the profile track geometry with gauge expansion, but the resulting tensile stresses lead to rail fracture.This is not a rare phenomenon on the Miskolc rail network either.In these places, we will introduce a speed limit until restoration due to consideration of technical aspects of rail safety.Usually Rail breaks are repaired during non-traffic periods, when the track is closed, with interventions appropriate to the type and extent of the spacer.Accordingly, we weld on the crown of the rail, the spine or even touching the base of the rail.When welding welding rods, the circumference of the fracture shall be revealed by By opening the casing, the crack should be processed, and the arc welding of the coated electrode should be performed. Next, the rail crown is flat, and then the restoration is completed by rebuilding the casing. After that, the temporary speed limit will be raised.”

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So anyone who has ever met or traveled on a snail-paced tram already knows what lies behind the secret.

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