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This is why some people recover and others die of cancer

This is why some people recover and others die of cancer

Thirty years ago, the treatment of oncology was very simple compared to the situation today. However, today – although this is individual for each patient, it can still be said – We learned about the inheritance of tumors – said researcher in the field of cancer, Dr. Josef Temar, in his presentation at the conference of the Hungarian Society of Clinical Oncology, which was published by the portal published.

Cancer treatment is now strictly individual. Photo: Getty Images

Genetic defect is key

We can already associate some genetic errors with each type of tumor. The basis for this is that during our lifetime
Genetic defects are constantly being produced in us, and the longer a person lives, the greater the risk that our body will not be able to correct this perfectly. As we age, we carry more and more genetic defects, and if this defect develops in the gene that critically regulates cell function and division – these are called oncogenes – the condition is created in which that cell develops into a malignant cell tumor – presented by university professor at Institute of Pathology, Justice and Insurance Medicine.

The lecture revealed that a single error in genes does not cause cancer. A malignant tumor usually contains hundreds or even thousands of genetic defects. So far, they have been able to treat rare genetic defects quite well, however We hope that in the near future there will also be an effective treatment for the most common cancers caused by genetic defects. The professor expected that a new world would open up, adding that Hungarian researchers would also be involved in developing new treatments.

We previously reported that a New York research team had identified a protein that initiates and accelerates the progression of pancreatic tumors. Their goal is to diagnose the disease as early as possible. details.

This is why genetic defects multiply

If we have such a good error-correction system, why do genetic errors multiply in us? asked the cancer researcher in his presentation. According to his answer, it is because the damage may also occur in the debugging system. So, if the genetic error occurs in a DNA error repair gene, those cells can produce a large number of errors. Since these genetic defects are often associated with age, according to some theories If we lived to be 120, everyone would get cancer. Regarding the reason why some tumors can be cured and others fatal in most cases, the specialist said: The same genetic error works differently in other types of cells. As a result, the same antibody therapy is particularly effective in some types of cancer, while it is completely ineffective in others.

After treatment of tumors, it can happen in some cases that the tumor can recur after weeks, months or even years. Why might this happen? Can cancer recur in the same place only? An expert answered the most important questions.

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Are you an introvert or an extrovert?  Discover!

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