This is why flash agents will always be in the meta

As VALORANT continues to evolve with new agents and the introduction of paths, more abilities will play out that can take over the meta.

So far, flash has been one of the most important elements of Tactical FPS and VALORANT titles,

But ‘sgares’ told Run it Back that pro players may not need flash agents in the future.

“You know, as the game develops, the need for agents” Wamson “starts to reevaluate more and more,” Sagaris said. “There are geniuses who stick to people and tell you where they are…There are so many different ways to get people out of corners than just using flash in this game.”

The former CS:GO pro player answered a question regarding his 100 Thieves combination he played against Fnatic on the Pearl map in Match 1 of the VALORANT Champions Pool stage, where there were no Flash Agents. 100 thieves won this field 13-10.

“Maybe one day, but not today. I think Fade in particular is very difficult to run without a flash agent, it is useful but really only with flashes,” SyykoNT said at the post-match press conference.

“There may come a time later when we don’t need flashes, but it won’t be anytime soon. I think meta flash will continue to dominate, and there are very few tracks at the moment where teams are not using flash.”

Jacob Harris, Fnatic’s head coach, said he understands why there are no Flash agents, but he disagrees.

“Basically, these are just starting devices. At the same time, sometimes flash is still good enough to get you out of trouble,” Minnie said at the post-match press conference.

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While VALORANT may get to the point where flashes have become more of a luxury than a necessity, the ability to blind your opponents can always be incredibly useful.

What do you think of the different opinions?

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