This is where you and your pet feel like a dog - pictures!  - Metropol

This is where you and your pet feel like a dog – pictures! – Metropol

Metropol dog in one place visited where the founder of the bar, Cyber ​​Tond Our leaders, here everyone can feel like a dog. One Dalia We can thank the creation of the bistro, which has been delighting members of the canine community for a year now.

Dalia is always excited about the arrival of guests. Photo: Metropol / Máté Krisztián

Leash-free tape is not just for dogs

Tünde Séber was the dreamer and creator of the bistro, but he needed a loyal companion, Vizsla’s Hungarian, Dália, who motivated the young woman to start the business.

“The first time Dahlia came into my life and I saw that he loves society and people and that is typical of me too. There was no place in Budapest where a dog was happy. There were of course places where you could take them, but they didn’t get much attention. The animals can come down here to play, the doggie daycare is open every day, and they can socialize with the other dogs there” The founder of the pub reported the details. As long as the animals are playing and running, the owners can chat over cool drinks and delicious cakes.

“A lot of people ask me, aren’t dogs fighting? There are no misfortunes here, the place is so multi-level, if two dogs are not sympathetic to each other, they will be taken to another level,” Tondi said.

The owners let their pets out here, this is a leash-free area and there is also a small door so that if we ventilate, for example, the dogs can’t escape to the street either. Security is provided through a dog-safe door. Photo: Metropol / Krisztián Máté

Four-legged playpen for our favorites

“Our doggie day care is very well established and is open every day of the week from 7:30am to 6pm. We have become a popular dog spot in the middle of town and we basically have tenants who bring their dogs several times a week. You can leave dogs here for an hour. Or a day or even on a regular basis. If you have something to do in town, you can inject your partner smoothly in the meantime, and we’ll take care of it. The elves play with them and the dogs get tired of each other, they even take them for a walk during the day.”

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“Owners take their dogs for a healthy walk in the morning and we take them during the day. This is to prevent “accidents” in the nursery. The bar itself opens only at noon.” Tond Saber told our newspaper. According to the head of the bar, 9-10 dogs were the most naughty playmates here at the same time, but they usually collected 6-7 days during the day.

Dog Day is open to winter and summer favourites. Photo: Metropol / Máté Krisztián

Spaniel Day, Tacsital and Dog Birthdays add color to programs

The dog in one place Thematic days related to different breeds are held regularly, and a dog trainer also comes to give a free lecture. It’s often a dog’s birthday, with a cake of course.

“I’ve also called the rescuers, which is good for them as well, because they can sell their artefacts so they collect donations, and for us too, because the dogs and the guests are here, and we’re advertised too. We’ve already had several dog meetings, and the sleds come to Here every two months and our German meeting was a success. The last time we had Spaniel Day, we’d have a shiba-inu meeting in early May. In addition, the board game, which takes place every Friday, is very popular because dogs play downstairs and people play upstairs together,” explained Tondi.

Recently, we also contacted the owner of the coach giving lectures. By the way, our software is free, and the absolute role here is entirely yours. We even have birthdays, if needed, we make cakes for the dogs and their owners too.” He said they would organize more programs and dog meetings in the future, as well as expand fundraising campaigns.

Small dogs can sit at the table next to their owners Photo: Metropol / Krisztián Máté


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