Bloomberg ranks the 100 richest settlers in the United States every year, and Atherton, a small California town with a population of 6 to 7,000, has topped the list for years. This situation is incomprehensible until we look at the map from afar. Quiet suburban streets belong to Silicon Valley, home to the world’s leading technology centers valued at billions of dollars.

Facebook or Tesla Motors or HP, but also the headquarters of Googleplex and Apple, are within minutes, so CEOs and even the owners of these companies have settled here. Among others, Google CEO Eric Schmidt, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, and Facebook’s second man, Sherrill Sandberg, live here.

This is what the richest city looks like in the U.S. 1

Behind the high fences there are tennis courts and huge swimming pools

At the forefront of the digital revolution, Atherton amassed an astounding fortune, making Atherton the first settlement where the average annual household income exceeded $ 500,000 – an average of $ 525,000.

This is what the richest city looks like in the US 2

In this video, we can see some of the local properties for sale from home and abroad.

This phenomenon is also reflected in real estate prices, with the cheapest apartments available at around $ 2.5 million, while the largest villas are actually asking for $ 30 million (HUF 9.3 billion).