This is what the next generation faces look like with Unreal Engine 5 [VIDEÓ]

ZRT Face Trainer is a program that can create real-time facial expressions in Unreal Engine 5

graphics. One of the most important elements for video game consumers. Heroes of endless discussions and unique moments. Not only because of texture or definition, but because of the importance of making good use of lighting, with or without ray tracing, or because of other influential decisions, such as the direction of the art itself.

But if anything is more surprising than that, it’s when graphics engines get dangerously close to photo-realism, which is what happens with Unreal Engine 5. The Epic engine is relatively new, and companies are still figuring out how to make the most of it. Some titles have already been cut, but a company called Ziva Dynamic wants to go one step further.

Announced the launch of a beta version of ZRT Face Trainer, a program that can create real facial expressions in real time. In the video below the news, we can see a technical demo of the program in Unreal Engine 5, in very high detail and realistically.

Ziva noted that the program Can be used With other graphics engines as well, so using the Epic engine is not necessary to test the technology. Recorded in 4K resolution and 60 frames per second, ZRT Face Trainer is based on a library of more than 15 terabytes of 4D scanning data and more than 72,000 face shapes.

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