This is what the former failed Red Bull driver thinks about Verstappen

Former Red Bull driver Daniil Kvyat was kicked out of the Austrian team at the time to make way for Max Verstappen. According to the Russian pilot, the two-time world champion is doing great, but he is also unbeatable.

Kvyat and Verstappen both entered F1 from the Red Bull reserves, but the Russian driver returned to Toro Rosso after a while and was replaced by the Dutch star, who has completely overshadowed his predecessor with his performance.

The two drivers are also linked in private life by Kelly Piquet, daughter of Nelson Piquet, with whom Kvyat gave birth to a daughter in 2019, but the model is now Verstappen’s girlfriend. the Written by www.0123go.comthat the Russian driver evaluated the Dutchman’s performance in the 2023 season in a podcast.

Kvyat and Verstappen’s lives are connected at several pointsSource: AFP / Andrej Isaakovich

“You have to let him go, he’s doing a great job, he’s very strong in duels, he’s probably the strongest, but everyone can be defeated and at the moment his team provides him with ideal conditions. He gets everything he wants. When we joined the team, I thought he would join Red Bull before me, and eventually they called me. Unfortunately, we couldn’t race alongside each other, although it would have been interesting,” Kvyat said of Verstappen.

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