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This is what Morgan Freeman looked like when he was young, you can’t even recognize the star in his old photo – the universal star

This is what Morgan Freeman looked like when he was young, you can’t even recognize the star in his old photo – the universal star

legendary Morgan Freeman He was born in 1937, which means he is 85 years old this year. He was only nine years old when he first appeared on stage in a school play.

At the age of twelve, he was very interested in acting, but entered the theater school only in 1959 after four years of military service.

Morgan Freeman in his youth

Few people know, but the world star, captivating with his hoarse voice, made his living as a dancer in the sixties. Since 1964, he has appeared in more and more serious film productions, such as The Pawnbroker and Called Ádám.

At the far right is 34-year-old Morgan Freeman.

Photo: Bateman

In 1971, he got a role in a very successful children’s series called The Electric Company, the series ran until 1977 on American television channels. This made him a widely known actor.

At the start of the series, he was 34 years old, wearing an afro for his age and a small beard on his chin. Since the old version lives more vividly in the minds of the majority, it is a little difficult to recognize, but not impossible. His charm has not changed, and although time has passed, women still find him very attractive.

The star married for the first time in 1967, and he married Janet Adair Bradshaw, and they divorced in 1979. His second wife is Myrna Collei Lee, and he married her in 1984. They have four children, Alfonso, Dina, Morgana and Sivolai.

Morgan Freeman adopted the daughter of his second wife from a previous relationship, Edina Hines, who was murdered in 2015. The actor also separated from his second wife in 2007, and the divorce was announced in 2010.

This is how charming Robert De Niro was when he was young

Robert De Niro, Michael Caine, Jean Reno and Gerard Depardieu – just a few names we knew and loved when we were older. Check out what these stars looked like when they were young!

Cover photo: Getty Images / Aaron J. Thornton

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