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This is what King Charles thinks of Princess Catalin: He gave a moving speech about his daughter-in-law

This is what King Charles thinks of Princess Catalin: He gave a moving speech about his daughter-in-law

Third. King Charles and his wife Camilla He traveled to Kenya for four days on an official visit. As part of this, on October 31, they attended a banquet organized by Kenyan President William Ruto. At the event, the king gave a moving speech, in which he had kind words for Prince William’s wife, Catalin, for example. He referred to her as his beloved daughter-in-law when he mentioned that his son proposed to him here in Mount Kenya. This all happened in October 2010, and Prince William allegedly hid the jewel in his backpack for three weeks, until one night he knelt in front of Catherine.

Third. Incidentally, Karolyi also previously referred to Queen Camilla as his “beloved wife,” meaning he only uses this title when someone is very close to his heart. And – attract attention In his article a Women and home It is also worth noting that the King did not refer to Catherine as the Duchess of Wales, but rather as her daughter-in-law, which may prove that her role in the family was more important to him than her official title.

Judy James is a body language expert There is a special relationship between the ruler and his daughter-in-law. James said that even in their public appearances, it is clear that they care about each other, that they understand and support each other, not to mention how great their chemistry is.

Third. Incidentally, Karolyi has also previously referred to Queen Camilla as his “beloved wife.” (Photo: Danny Lawson/Pool/AFP)

Third. Naturally, Karolyi also mentioned his mother in his speech. As he said, iii. Elizabeth loved Kenya and its people very much. He also mentioned that he was visiting here when he learned that his father VI. George died.

“She arrived as a princess in 1952 but left as a queen. It is very moving to read his diary of the visit, in which he wrote that he did not want to miss a single moment to enjoy the Kenyan landscape. I cannot thank Kenya enough for supporting her during that difficult period.” He said and then pointed out that his father, Prince Philip of Edinburgh, was present when Kenya declared its independence ten years later.

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