Bradley Cooper mint az idősödő Leonard Bernstein - forrás: Netflix Twitter-oldala

This is what Bradley Cooper looks like Leonard Bernstein in the new Netflix movie

Tell him about the life of Leonard Bernstein bandleader artist The first pictures taken on the set of the movie. We find Bradley Cooper in the lead role and at the same time in the director’s chair, although it is difficult to recognize him under the mask.

On May 30, Netflix released some photos from the set of the movie, where we can see the two main characters, Bradley Cooper, who plays Bernstein, and Carey Mulligan, who plays his wife Felicia Montenegrin. In the recordings, the conductor of the orchestra can be seen at several ages, so we have the opportunity to judge the work of the masquerade based on those in the first place.

Cooper previously stated that diverse On the newspaper’s question that filming will begin in May, so moviegoers don’t expect to see the result until 2023. Originally, Steven Spielberg had directed the biopic, in which Cooper was already slated to star. However, the actor was already more interested in writing and directing than working on someone else’s project – even if it was Spielberg.

“I told Spielberg I felt I could play the conductor, but I wanted to touch the material and see if I could write it and direct it. I asked him if he would allow it,” Cooper said of the film’s early productions. “Stephen is interested in several things at once, so when he’s working on one, the others all go to the parking lot and wait. In the end, he was kind enough to give me this project I’ve been working on for 4 1/2 years.”

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