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This is what an Italian restaurant looks like when dreamed up and made possible by a star chef

This is what an Italian restaurant looks like when dreamed up and made possible by a star chef

Massimo Bottura will open his new restaurant Al Gatto Verde in Modena on September 20. From the exterior, interior, design and food offerings, the place is exactly what you would expect from a chef at a three-Michelin-starred restaurant.

The focus is on great food and sustainability

Al Gatto Verde was conceived as a restaurant that could be a leader in sustainability in all aspects.

The impact on the environment and food waste are reduced to a minimum, so the perfect synthesis between ethics and aesthetics can be achieved within its walls. The restaurant is powered by solar panels, and all byproducts are recycled or reused.

This way of thinking was already heavily emphasized during the design of the place, as natural materials were used, including wood, raffia and stone.

In this way, the wonderful shades of the surrounding countryside are reflected inside.

Tradition and modernity

Distinctive elements of the interior are the oak and black cedar tables, the classic green Thonet chairs and the unique handcrafted wooden covers.

The square is also home to art, with sculptures by Sandro Chia, Mimmo Palladino, Gavin Turk and Jim Dine. Here, guests can enjoy the comfort of dark green and yellow Porro lacquered tables and Varaschin chairs.

The cuisine also combines local aspects with cutting-edge technology.

In the handcrafted kitchen of green mosaic tiles, collected rainwater is reused using innovative water filtration technology. The ceramic stoves are made of the highest quality, the grill is made in Tuscany, and the wood-burning oven is made in Modena.

In the food offering, the sustainable approach will meet the essence of local flavours, the world of global tastes and fiery kitchen technology solutions.

However, guests will only be able to enjoy the venue’s culinary experiences from Wednesday to Sunday, during dinner. According to plans, the service will start from 19.30.

(source: Fine dining lovers(Photos: Lido Vanucci)

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