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This is what a day on Mars looks like

This is what a day on Mars looks like

The footage was captured by NASA's Curiosity spacecraft.

Thanks to NASA's Curiosity rover, we can see how a day passes from sunrise to sunset on Mars, according to reports. IFLScience.

The two videos, each consisting of 25 frames, were captured by the robot's black-and-white hazard detection cameras (Hazcam) on the Red Planet on November 8, 2023, between 5:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. local time.

The instructions to start recording were the last, just before the Sun passed between Mars and Earth. During the two-week period, communication between Curiosity and ground control was lost.

The first video was captured using the rover's front-facing Hazcam camera. The image sequence was taken along Geddes Valles (Mars' Bermuda Triangle), a valley located on Mount Sharp. The last frame may look like stars or falling snow, but this is actually sensor data noise.

The second video shows the rear camera perspective, as the machine looks down from the slopes of Mount Sharp down Gale Crater. In the seventeenth frame, a black spot appears on the left side of the image, which is the result of cosmic radiation.

Martian days, or Martian days, are very similar to those on Earth, but a day here is about 40 minutes longer than our day on our planet. Martian years are much longer: a local year lasts about 687 Earth days.

Curiosity landed inside Gale Crater in August 2012. Mount Sharp, which Curiosity has been climbing since 2014, lies in the massive 54-kilometre-wide basin. The robot's mission was originally planned for just two years, but the rover has far exceeded expectations.

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Over the years, the spacecraft has captured stunning images of the Red Planet and collected invaluable scientific data.

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