"This is the worst thing that can happen in motor racing"

“This is the worst thing that can happen in motor racing”

In the past decade or so, turf, artificial turf or gravel beds along the lines have been removed at most sites to improve safety.

In 2021 MotoGP used small sensors on green-painted retractions to track trails, and motorcyclists really need to be extra careful because they can be penalized after four sprints.

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Stoner was asked how to improve the safety of the smaller classes after three fatal crashes this year, and we could see increasingly dangerous maneuvers in the Moto3. According to the Australian, there are problems with enforcement of the rules.

Stoner believes there are many difficult and dangerous maneuvers in racing because the pilots fight “without fear” because they know there are trash containers stacked next to the track. The two-time champion started: “The support must come from the race management.”

It will require more transparency or a little stronger decisions because there were no problems in previous years. Now, however, there is more room for maneuver, the tracks no longer have limits. It’s only bordered by green paint.”

“I don’t think it helps because people aren’t afraid to cross the max anymore, but it used to be just plain grass by the track, so everyone had to pay attention. But now it’s okay for me to make a mistake, because there’s plenty of room next to the track” .

“So you have to learn a little respect for others. I don’t think only young people do that. I have seen more experienced and mature racers doing similar things. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the penalties are not strict and clear enough.”

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So if things were better organized, everyone would be more conservative. But to me, that’s still the worst thing that could happen. The path no longer has boundaries, so it is difficult to guide everyone to something that does not exist.”

Verstappen needs to be careful in 2022

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