This is the sound of Jupiter's moon

This is the sound of Jupiter’s moon

The Juno spacecraft heard the sound of one of Jupiter’s moons, Io – Writes the scientific portal The instrument used the Juno Waves scientific instrument to study radio waves emitted by Jupiter to assess their exact source, while picking up the “sound” of electrons streaming from Io heading for the planet.

Researchers believe they have discovered what stimulates radio waves from Jupiter’s strong magnetic field.

There are several moons moving in the magnetic field of the giant planet, Io is the closest to the planet. As a result, the drag-and-play game of the Moon plays the game of the planet and its other companions, for whom heat generation is a byproduct. For Iora, this is very intense, which has led to a lot of volcanic eruptions happening at the surface.

Volcanoes release a pile of material (dust and gases) towards Jupiter, and some of the components of this material decay into charged ions and electrons. This Jupiter’s magnetic field is swallowed up. When the planet and the moon pass next to each other, the electrons accelerate and shift toward the north and south corners of Jupiter. That’s when radio waves were created, Juno was able to listen to this now.

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