Ilyen a dízel ereje: lazán megy 270-et a 2,6 tonnás Audi az autópályán

This is the power of diesel: the 2.6-ton Audi drives loosely on the highway

Audi was bold in 2009 when it started building a car for which there was no explanation. Far from being able to do that. According to some rumors, the most unusual version of the Q7 was included in the success of Le Mans. It was proudly stated that the car had technology that won the most famous 24 Hours of Racing. This is an exaggeration, of course, but the Q7 V12 TDI is really special ten years from now.

The Germans were really proud of the performance they achieved, with the V12 TDI’s combined engine common rail operating at 2,000 bar with two variable geometry turbochargers.

The 6-liter engine has about 500 horsepower and 1000 Nm of torque. From a standstill, it accelerates to 100 in 5.5 seconds, with a top speed set at 250. The engine was massive, so they had to rework the chassis and brakes.

This is the power of diesel: Audi, which weighs 2.6 tons on the highway, runs out 270

When in good shape, the downhill power that propelled the Q7 produced is still impressive. No drama and no effort even above 250 km/h, which required some adjustment, as that was a factory limited final speed.

It’s interesting to watch a contemporary Top Gear test today, even with Jeremy Clarkson behind the wheel. Until then, he did not understand, he was also amazed at the existence of the car, as people bought diesel because of the economy and low consumption. By analogy, the Audi Q7 V12 TDI is like turning off the central heating in the house and setting it on fire with Rembrandt panels instead.

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So there was no reason for that, but at the time the direction of the blow to Volkswagen was about some kind of confident technological superiority, so the V12 engine got into the front of the 2.6-ton car only because they were able to do it in series without any problems .

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