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This is how you can peel a boiled egg perfectly

This is how you can peel a boiled egg perfectly

I have a special passion for eggs: cholesterol risks here and there, I eat them daily as scrambled eggs, hard-boiled eggs, oatmeal pancakes, as well as hard-boiled eggs. And there are few things that make me so angry as when I can’t exfoliate well.

Let’s say you make casseroles. You start to peel the egg well, but if you stand above your head, the shell does not want to come out properly: it tears, falls into small pieces, sticks to the membrane, and in the end it looks as if it has been pulled apart. Chews. Isn’t it bad to even imagine? Especially if you don’t put it on French fries, but on top of a waiting sandwich…

Now think again of those cases when the eggshell was peeled off without any effort, into one or two pieces, and the surface remained perfectly smooth! Isn’t it possible to play the piano bands? We will now tell you what to do so that peeling eggs is always a similar preparatory work to the last, with great satisfaction.

2. The secret to perfect eggs is cooking

Of course, this seems obvious, but step zero on the way to a well-peeled hard-boiled egg is a good, perfectly cooked egg. If they remain too soft, they will be difficult to peel even with great skill, and if you overcook them, the skin will stick to them tightly. Although some experts recommend steaming the egg in a special bowl instead of boiling it, we do not want to encourage you to buy such a device.

All we’re saying is that if you want something good for yourself, you should always cook eggs of the same size, which you should keep at room temperature and in water that is also at room temperature. Then boil the water, then boil the eggs for eight minutes of boiling. This way, it will be firm enough, but the yolk won’t look too dry or greenish. Like the version that was a turtle sandwich in kindergarten. When the time is up, remove the eggs from the cooking pot and immediately dip them in a bowl of ice water to stop the cooking process. This is important because

Hot eggs continue to cook due to residual heat, so to achieve the perfect consistency, the ambient temperature must be lowered immediately and significantly after cooking.

An ice bath is also beneficial because the egg white shrinks from the shock of the cold and separates from the shell slightly, making the egg easier to peel.

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2. Start hacking – it doesn’t matter how!

How you break eggs is very important! Instead of hitting the shell haphazardly and little by little, roll the hard-boiled egg back and forth on a hard surface until the shell is completely cracked. It should look like a nice mosaic before you start peeling. When it’s completely cracked, press your thumb on the wider end of the egg (for example, the bottom), look for the air pocket (here the shell is not completely filled with protein, but there is a small cavity under the shell), then push and insert your finger into the cavity, then start peeling off the skin. . If you start peeling from the air pocket, you can easily separate the egg from the membrane that attaches it to the shell. (By the way, the latter is a great source of collagen: you can eat it or mix it into your dog’s food, for example).

To make your job easier, peel it under water!

During peeling, water makes its way between the egg and the shell, weakening it enough to remove it easily.

3. Shake it!

If you only need to peel a few eggs, there is another method that is not only effective, but also fun. Fill a glass bowl at least halfway with water, put 1-2 hard-boiled eggs in it, close the lid and shake. When an eggshell cracks, water seeping underneath helps loosen and remove the shell. If most of the skin has fallen off, use your hands to peel off the rest and rinse quickly under cold water to remove any small patches of skin. You can pour the remaining water in the bottle onto the compost in front of the chickens or mix it with the nutrient medium of some of your plants and use it to improve it. (We’ve written previously in this article about the benefits of eggs, apart from the fact that we enjoy eating them in a million different dishes.)

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What about the stubborn?

Although the above methods make it possible to peel the vast majority of eggs perfectly, there are some people for whom it is difficult to get a good judgement. If the eggs are very stubborn and the shell does not want to separate well, you can, after cracking the shell well, soak them in cold water a little longer, and only then begin to peel them from the air pocket mentioned above. Doesn’t it work that way? You can easily handle very fresh eggs!

Although you can hard-boil younger eggs and older eggs, experts say that older eggs are ultimately easier to peel.

How to determine the age of the egg? If you open one and see a string of yolk starting to whiten, it’s a fresh egg, and if you don’t see it, it’s an old egg. If you are checking the freshness of eggs for cooking, place the eggs in a high-walled bowl filled with cold water. If it touches the bottom, it’s very fresh, if the tip just touches the bottom, it’s older, but still completely edible, but if it rises to the top, it’s in the trash.

Have you ever cooked fresh eggs and they didn’t turn out pretty after peeling them? Don’t worry, the taste will definitely make up for it even if the peeling isn’t done perfectly.

In summary:

If you want a perfectly peeled boiled egg, pay attention to three things:

  • Cooling: If the eggs are still hot when you drop them, not only will you hurt your hands, but the egg whites will adhere more strongly to the shell, making them more difficult to peel. After the cooking time is up, place the eggs in iced or cold water.
  • Cold peeling: It is not enough to throw it in cold water, you also have to wait for it to cool! Eggs will be difficult to peel when they are warm, so it is best to wait until they have cooled completely.
  • Older eggs: As eggs age, air pockets increase in the egg, making it easier to peel. Of course, don’t wait until it stabilizes.
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Now that you know how to treat your head with eggs so that it remains clean and silky even after exfoliation, here are some recipes with which you can use it right away!

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