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This is how we take pictures with our mobile phones at festivals

This is how we take pictures with our mobile phones at festivals

Festivals are events filled with special moments, bright colors, and energy that provide great opportunities for photography. Whether it’s concerts, community programs, or simply capturing the atmosphere of an event, festival photography presents its own challenges and opportunities. In this article, we’ll share what to watch out for, when to use flash, and when it’s best to avoid it, especially when photographing concerts.

Only this technique

First, it is important to note that in this article we are only providing some guidelines for the technical side of photography, and we will not comment on the legal side. Anyone can probably take pictures at festivals for their own pleasure, but according to the rules, they are no longer allowed to publish or sell the completed photos. It is also important to know that documenting the work of security personnel who provide the events is prohibited at almost all festivals, and this should be taken seriously, as it can get you into serious trouble. In theory, spectators are not allowed to take pictures at concerts, but the customary law here is slowly changing and fewer artists are refusing to do so. Regardless, we believe that it is better to pay attention to the music and performance at the concert than to bend over your phone and make a recording whose quality does not even come close to the real experience. Not even the most expensive camera can do that.

There are plenty of opportunities to take great photos at the festival.


So, let's see how to do it, if we decide to enrich our village with beautiful pictures at home, a good festival and phone with good camera With the help of the most important thing is to choose a phone with good cameras. The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is the perfect choice for this, not only because it has one of the best camera systems out there today, but this phone also has artificial intelligence to help us take better photos.
If you have your phone and an external battery in your bag, it is useful to be well informed about the venue and the program of the festival. With prior information, we can easily know when and where the best photo opportunities will be. This way, we can plan in advance which concerts and events we want to attend, and where we should position ourselves to achieve the best recordings.

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Let's take pictures like this

Timing your photo is key. The periods around sunrise and sunset, the so-called golden hours, are particularly favourable, as the light is soft and warm, ideal for portraits and landscapes. Festivals that extend into the night provide a special atmosphere, where using a tripod, gimbal and higher ISO values ​​can help reduce noise and produce stable images. The Galaxy S24 Ultra is also capable of taking amazingly good night photos, but if you choose this, be aware that this technique works with long exposures, which means it’s worth taking photos without a moving subject, as they will quickly become blurry. It pays to be creative with composition. Look for special angles and don’t be afraid to shoot from a low or high angle, as an unusual perspective can make your photos stand out. It’s also worth playing with shutter speed: this can result in controlled blur, which can be used to create interesting lighting effects, but can also be used to convey speed. These settings can be adjusted by opening your Samsung phone’s camera in the “PRO” menu.

concert, festival, photo fold
Let's take photos without flash in the concert hall! Or rather, don't take photos, but enjoy the concerts…

We have to be patient when capturing moments. Sometimes you have to wait for the right moment to get the best photos. Observe the environment and be ready to click whenever something interesting happens. The miracle of a mobile phone is that it is always with us, so if we are prepared, we will not miss a single moment. By the way, it is also useful to know that on Samsung phones, pressing the power button on the side twice quickly activates the camera, so you can take it out of your pocket and take a photo right away. The burst function can be useful for capturing fast movements and dynamic moments, so you can take several photos per second.

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at parties

When photographing a concert – if you want to take such photos at all costs – pay special attention to the lights. Stage lighting changes rapidly, so it is important to monitor the lighting and look for moments when the lights illuminate the performers at the best angle. If possible, get close to the stage without disturbing other spectators. Let's try to capture moments that reflect the emotions of the performers and the audience, because they really reflect the atmosphere of the event.

Let's forget flash

Using a flash is also an important factor. For portraits and close-up shots, or in low-light conditions, a flash can help illuminate the subject properly. However, today’s best smartphone cameras are so sensitive that the artificial light of the camera produces a much worse image than if it wasn’t turned on at all. For distant subjects, the flash’s range is limited, so it can be useless. If natural light is sufficient, using a flash is almost always unnecessary and can ruin the mood of the photo. At concerts and shows, flash can be annoying to performers and the audience, so use a higher ISO and a tripod. Not to mention the fact that if we’re making a video, the flash will be a constantly lit video light, which couldn’t be more annoying at a concert.

Lani photo festival
A scene with nothing extra can be a good photo if it is captured well.

Good could be better

During the post-production of festival photos, pay attention to the correct color and contrast settings. We can get the best results from our photos by using different editing tools. In order to improve the composition, don’t be afraid to cut out unnecessary parts of the photos. For example, the AI-powered Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra can help with this, which can also highlight parts that don’t fit in the middle of the photo.

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In conclusion, festival photography is a challenging but very enjoyable activity. With the right preparation, creative approach and technical settings, we can create stunning images that capture the atmosphere of the event and its unforgettable moments. Remember, the most important thing is to enjoy the process and experience it bravely! This doesn’t mean that you have to celebrate at a festival, so let’s sometimes put the phone in our pocket and enjoy the fun through our eyes!

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