This is how they make dungeons more interesting based on players’ demand

One of the biggest attractions of Diablo 4 is the adventures and treasures hidden in the dungeons. However, in the beta version of the game, many people complained that the dungeons were boring and monotonous. Blizzard listened to the feedback and promised to improve the dungeons in the final version of the game.

In the beta, players often had to go back to the same path to complete missions or discover all the secrets. This took a lot of time and energy from them and diminished their enjoyment. Blizzard has acknowledged the issue and said it will make changes to the design and structure of the dungeons.

According to Blizzard, dungeons should be more diverse and exciting so that players always face new challenges and surprises. Dungeons must not only be straight lines, but have multiple side sectors and paths. In addition to enemies, you also have to throw other interesting things at them, such as puzzles, traps, and secret doors.

Blizzard also said that the difficulty level of the dungeons will change as well. Players will be able to choose which level they want to play, and this will affect dungeon content and rewards. At higher levels, players will encounter more enemies, more dangers, and more loot.

Diablo 4 isn’t ready yet, but Blizzard is constantly working on it to give players the best possible experience. The dungeons are only one part of this experience, but a very important one. Blizzard hopes to improve the dungeons to make the game more fun.

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source: GameSpot

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