This is how the soundtrack for Starfield was made [VIDEO]

The next game from Bethesda Game Studios (BGS) will be a brand new IP, which is understandable why it’s all on one page about music.

Starfield’s Todd Howard studio has released a new video. Now focused on the game’s soundtrack, Inon Zur was a perfectly logical choice, as he could be considered the team’s lead composer, being behind the soundtracks for Fallout 76, Fallout 4, Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout 3, but has been changed a lot in many games ( Just a few examples: Men of Valor, Crysis, Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon’s Dogma, Outriders…).

Conceptual graphics with extraterrestrial environments will also appear in the video below (and hopefully, there will be such locations in the end game as well). On the other hand, Tzur explained how he created the song Starfield (which we already partially heard in the teaser video for the 2018 trailer). According to Zur, music is always considered the fourth dimension. This is an emotional dimension. For creativity, many questions must be asked: Where are we going? What is our motive? What’s our story – these are the ones who motivated Zort more than anything else.

He viewed Starfield as the “dedicated trio” because according to Zur everything flows (here inside the console, he meant data movement between parts): everything changes, everything comes back. In essence, music presents itself and develops on its own. We need to think of some kind of cruise because we want to fulfill our mission, and we want to finish our trip. We’ll find something to take with us, and eventually we’ll take it home.

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The starfield This is going to be the next BGS game, and it obviously should be treated as a kind of drop-down list for Microsoft. After Redmond acquired ZeniMax Media, the parent company of Bethesda, the PlayStation 5 is out of the pixel and will only be available for the Xbox series and PC, but Game Pass subscribers will also have access to Todd Howard’s big launch from the first game. November. After Fallout 76, this will also be important for him.

source: WCCFTech

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