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This is how the ski slopes of Harjita County await winter sports enthusiasts

This is how the ski slopes of Harjita County await winter sports enthusiasts

The ski resorts in Harjita County have been planned for days, however, mild weather in most places has not made this possible yet. The facilities are ready and optimistic for the season, and the arrival of the winter sports enthusiasts will be a “compensation” for the accommodation.

For the most part, the ski slopes in Hargate County are scheduled to open at the weekend, but warming and coming rains during the week don’t allow that yet. At the same time, operators were also waiting for the promised government regulations for ski resorts. In any case, following the general epidemiological regulations, there is practically no obstacle to the start of the ski season in Zeclairland.

Aaron Bodor, owner of the family business that also operates the winter and summer ski slopes and ski slopes in Gyimesfelsőlok, Mazul, told SKI Gyimes: They have yet to receive any official information about the regulation of ski-slope operation. As far as you know, the ski slopes can be opened according to general rules.

Accordingly, in case of favorable weather, they are ready to open at Gyimesfelsőlok, which is already planned for this weekend. However, after last week’s cold weather there was a relief, and it was raining for two days, so despite the snow cannons on the ski slope, the opening will be delayed by at least a week.

The work at Gyimes is definitely in a lucky situation because it won’t be without income until the beginning of the ski slope, as they can also receive guests at the restaurant next to the toboggan run, and their accommodations are also open to tourists. Of course, access to permanent winter weather and clear organization will also be required.

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It will take some cold days

Kissomlyó SKI’s operators in Csíksomlyó were also preparing for their weekend opening. As their representative said for our sake: A lot of snow is available, and we were able to fire the snow cannon, but it would take a few cooler days to create the right conditions.

Regarding ski slope rules, the operator representative said that if special regulations were developed for cab lifts only, as promised by the government, then the Harghita County ski slopes would not be affected, as only board lifts and axes are available on county slopes. Above all, operators will definitely have to pay attention to queue and distance rules. The contractor also confirmed that the Ski Area Operators’ Association is in constant contact with the relevant authorities and will try to agree on season details as soon as possible.

They are also preparing to open the ski slope in Porchek. Deputy Mayor Istvan Alboy told Maszol that the opening of the Hope Route is planned for next weekend, but the hot weather will make the start uncertain for now. This resort in the northern part of Harghita is well-equipped for winter sports enthusiasts. The foreman said the summer toboggan run, which was delivered a year ago, had been demolished for the winter season, and the cable system in the elevators had also been renewed. As Istvan Alboy said: Especially the accommodation providers in Porchek are already waiting for the arrival of real winter time, which could lure a large number of guests to the resort again.

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Life really began in Madarasi Harghita

Madarasi Harghita Ski Center opened for skiers the long weekend surrounding December 1, said Emese Ruszuly, contact person for the company that runs the ski slopes. “It was a positive and fun start to the season, people were happy to be finally able to get out. It will be the third weekend we are opening, with two small tracks currently operating only on Saturday and Sunday. We plan to open on weekdays after December 15th, depending on the weather. If that does not work, the high season will start at 24 hours and after that there will be a track on weekdays. ” He added that as a novelty of this season, disabled skaters are also expected. People with reduced mobility can indulge in winter sports with special skis with the help of the Nurture in Nature Association.

According to Emese Ruszuly, the Harghita facility is not affected by the regulations for cab lifts, which are still under development, as they have no elevators. Visitors follow the rules, wear a mask, and operators also pay attention to safety distances while standing in line and waiting.

In Madarasi Harghita the ski slopes are much safer for snow than the slope systems below due to the area’s elevated location. Off the slopes, there’s still a shortage of just the right amount of snow, so winter hiking, skiing and snowboarding aren’t yet relevant. Ski equipment rental business, ski lessons can be used, restaurants and open accommodations – know Rossoli Emesi.

The government extended the state of emergency 30 days on Friday and did not change the epidemic restrictions. The Minister of the Interior, Raed Arafat, announced the availability of ski lifts in the ski resorts. The rules for this are issued by joint decree of the Ministry of Health and Economy. He also said that by staying in the regulations, you can still stay in mountain resorts. According to Arafat, the regulations under development are mainly concerned with operating car elevators, and they will likely be able to operate at half their capacity.

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