This is how the recently deceased Adam Turok is remembered (video)

At the beginning of May, he was going to give a big birthday party for his entire work in Budapest at the Erkel Theater, but life intervened. We know he died in his sleep. dám Török, winner of the Péter Máté Award and recipient of the Fonogram Lifetime Achievement Award, was a founding member of Mini. They entertained audiences with jazz-rock performances between 1970 and 1978, after which they took a 15-year break. During this time, the musician participated in solo tours in the USA, Switzerland, Italy and Austria. In 1991, together with János Závodi, he founded RABB, and in 1998 Mini reunited.

“I make relentless music, I never follow trends, I’ve always made my own music.” – said Ádám Török in a TV interview last year, when asked why he admits that even after fifty years, many people have become curious about Mini’s music.

Ádám Török was a founding member of Mini. (Photo: Gyula Molnar)

He was a regular performer at the International Gastroblues Festival in Paks, which Ádám Gárdai remembers, like this:

Ádám Török helped us create the festival from the very beginning, and thanks to his international connections, the event was able to become colorful. He gave us more than thirty concerts in different venues. Unfortunately, he had a stroke a few years ago, and we were all worried about him and hoped for a full recovery. He performed with us on the 1st of April this year. We will miss your old friendship greatly. We would like to express our condolences to all of his family!”

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