This is how The Lost Judgment expands after its release

lost judgment The DLC schedule has been announced by Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio and SEGA, so fans can already plan to continue the Yakuza spin-off.

These are three DLCs. The first bundle, the Detecrive Essentials Pack, will be released with the game, and anyone who’s invested in a more expensive version of Lost Judgment will be able to get this bundle three days in advance with early access. The Detective Essentials bundle includes several police dogs, a new skateboard, a skate park, a Sky Spider drone, additional recipes, more girlfriends, plus four additional SEGA Master System toys, and we can even fight the Super Shin Ammon.

According to the press release, this bundle expands the lifestyle, combat, and detective skills of protagonist Yagami. SEGA’s 8-bit console is in Yagami’s office anyway (well… games include Global Defense, Alien Syndrome, Fantasy Zone II: The Tears of Opa-Opa, and Sagaia anyway). Hover Drive isn’t even a skateboard, but it swings through the air. Using Extract recipes, we can temporarily adjust Yagami’s abilities and search for Super Shin Amon in The Gauntlet game mode.

The School Stories Expansion Pack will be released on October 26 for those who pre-order the Digital Deluxe or Digital Ultimate Edition. It’s a new engine, its parts and a racing track. Brings new dance costume, matching dance moves and new robot; We can train with Kaito, Sugiura and Higashi, and we can also apply street boxing fighting style. With this package, we can expand our interactions with school clubs. Finally, in the spring of 2022 comes The Kaito Files. It will be a story DLC, with a new playable character (you can also guess from the title that Kaito) and with nearly ten hours of additional content. Kaito Masahiru will have a strong fighting style.

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Finally, there’s the Quick Start Support Package, which comes with every pre-order, and will be part of the pack when the game comes out. In the Yagai office, Lucky Cat from Wayfarer supports us financially depending on the distance we go; With Staminan Spark items, you can keep your vitality in check, and you’ll also get three Extract recipes that you can use to slash energy balls from your opponents, launch fire attacks, or recover quickly.

Lost Judgment will be available to Digital Deluxe / Digital Ultimate customers on September 21 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Everyone has to wait until September 24th.

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