This is how the great Varro saved Peter Buckman's life

This is how the great Varro saved Peter Buckman’s life

The presenter will soon turn 50, so in the meantime, he will be sharing an interesting story from his life every single day. This time remember the period When they went to a mythical black hole with their friends, Where one of Beatrice’s concerts To Pharaoh the Great He had to intervene in order not to get involved in a more serious accident.

1991. Around her, on an October evening, like so many times back then, she led our trip to the pit, and Vero was the main program. During the party, I dug myself forward and rushed there, dancing, pouting with my mates. The song “The Clock Is Walking Around” was going on when someone was pushed – apparently paid too – She pushed me so hard that I climbed onto the floor and at least two fell on me. I don’t remember the details, just that Ferro on stage asks the band to stop because there is a problem. Someone pulled out, sat in a chair, and the party went on. The next photo is the nearby church on Horváth Mihály tér (I somehow walked there, and night trams started nearby), where the illuminated cross was dark. I swear next time Vero will be my guest, I’ll tell him the story in the studio, “the TV wrote in his message.

Fifty years, fifty impressions


The Great Varro saved my life about 30 years ago. To ELTÉ …

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