Így alakulnak a megjelenés után a Diablo IV tartalmai bevezetőkép

This is how the contents of Diablo IV will evolve after release

Blizzard has outlined plans for post-release and seasonal content for Diablo IV.

Blizzard Entertainment published a profile Diablo IV Its latest quarterly update, which this time talks about monetizing the game and the store. Although there will be purchasable content, Blizzard has previously stated that it will not spoil the game experience with equipment that can be purchased for money, providing more power.

Diablo IV is planned to have four seasons per year, and its gameplay is modeled on Diablo III. The developers revealed that progression will be reset to zero each new season, in other words, each chapter provides a brand new start for everyone, so even those who might stop playing for a while won’t be in trouble. The first season is scheduled to begin shortly after release.

Blizzard confirms many times that all resources, abilities, and gadgets that affect stats will come from gameplay, as they assert (underlined forty times) Immortal Diablo For an interested audience:

You can’t get stronger for money in Diablo IV!!!

The season pass will have a free part and a premium part, but the latter will not give subscribers any advantage in the game over others. Among the free content that will be available to everyone, there will also be an XP accelerator to speed up leveling.

Players will have the opportunity to buy levels and thus access the different skins first, but the boosters will be tied to the level, so they can’t even be unlocked first for money.

The cosmetics store will also be back, which will offer visual tweaks for a premium payment unit, but Blizzard says the best ones won’t be linked to the store. This is hard to believe, but it sounds like a good promise. By the way, Diablo IV comes with hundreds of transmitters, including unique and legendary items, which won’t even appear in the store.

If all this were true, then it looks like the cosmetics store would be more like an add-on to offer players more options. Another good news is that skins won’t be associated with a character, so you won’t have to buy the same necromancer’s equipment multiple times, for example.

How do you like this system? Will it give the new Diablo a chance?

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