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This is how the beautiful Pamela, the wife of Bobby, the most prominent of the Dallas bombers, looks at the age of 73

This is how the beautiful Pamela, the wife of Bobby, the most prominent of the Dallas bombers, looks at the age of 73

Dallas was one of the best shows of all time, with such notable actors as Patrick Duffy and of course the husbands, since it was a big family drama set in the land of oil.

The series originally ran from 1978 to 1991 and follows the lives of the oil tycoon’s Ewing family. The story centered on Texas oil and the power struggles associated with it. The series featured characters such as J.R. Ewing, a manipulative and calculating businessman, or Bobby Ewing, who appears in the episodes primarily as the good boy in the family, a positive figure who cares about the consequences of his actions. The series broke ratings records and became a cultural icon, especially “Who Shot JR?” with his ring. After the original series, many sequels have been made, and the adventures begin again.

The series also had many iconic moments that can burn in the hearts of Hungarians. But few people know that, for example, this series was the cinematic debut, prequel and debut of Brad Pitt, which turned out to be absolutely stunning. The handsome star opened the door and stood before us with his blonde braids.

But who remembers the other characters? There were probably a lot of people there, including the gorgeous Pamela, Bobby’s wife, played in the movie by Italian-American actress Victoria Principal. Dallas brought him worldwide success, and he was nominated twice for a Golden Globe Award. Few people also know that he was a famous writer in the Anglo-Saxon region, and his books later became bestsellers.

This is what the actress, who rarely posts photos of herself on Instagram, looks like now:

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