This is how Netflix transforms Galactic gardens and terraces: many people buy these plants

Eco-friendly gardens are becoming more and more important

Like it or not, climate change is shaping a lot of our garden movements and choices right now. The past few years have been marked by severe weather, not only in our country. From droughts to floods, there have been examples of just about everything, and we also had to make friends with the average temperature increase. Along these lines, the decisions we make while creating, planting, and caring for our garden are determined by being more sustainable. Whether it’s using less water or choosing ethically and locally sourced materials.

Grow hardy plants

House and garden magazine According to his article, growing drought-tolerant Mediterranean plants in gardens will continue to be popular, but moving forward, the focus will be on selecting resistant plants that can withstand a variety of conditions.

Agriculture color trends

Garden designers such as Tommaso Del Buono and Helen Elks Smith anticipate the fashion for darker colors in gardens, spiced up with small splashes of color. Plants with plum-like or darker stems and foliage, such as veil plant, black elder, Korean angelica, or bronze fennel, provide a backdrop for flowers resembling polka dotted meadows, such as the brighter colors of verbena and ginger root, or flowers such as oriental poppy, Korean mint, and balsam. bees.

Netflix also influences park trends

sunset magazine According to the Bridgerton series, nostalgic plants such as roses, lilacs, hydrangeas, and mallows are back in the gardens. These purple, pink, and white flowers add a romantic atmosphere to any garden, and can be a great addition to white fences, cobblestone, or brick driveways.

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Along with wild animals, birds are pollinators

Garden designers are looking for creative ways to incorporate wildlife habitats into gardens through clever landscaping and structural or sculptural elements. Wooden honeycombs and mini gardens with built-in insect houses will become more popular. This built or purchased house can be a refuge for all insects in the garden. After all, let’s not forget that not only bees have an important role in pollination.

Gardens for mental health

In the past five years, we’ve seen a change in the way people think about their garden. We use our gardens not only for outdoor fun and socializing, but also for mental health and well-being. Being outdoors, connecting with nature, and the physical benefits of gardening are all things we value much more in a post-pandemic world, and this affects the gardening styles we choose. A shelter full of plants is more likely to draw us outside than a dreary patio.

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