This is how Netflix makes serial addicts for kids

This is how Netflix makes serial addicts for kids

Netflix introduces a new feature to help young children discover new shows – This was reported by The Verge. This plugin is basically the kid’s version of Netflix’s Play Something button.

One of the world’s largest streaming service providers will put a shiny icon with a question mark on TVs around the world, which will be featured in children’s favorite profiles in a prominent place.

Click on the mysterious shiny square and discover a world unknown to you until now

TJ Marston, director of product innovation for children and families at Netflix, introduced the feature in a Twitter post.

Netflix is ​​doing everything it can to get the little ones used to the platform. It also wants to please kids with a profile redesign, a Top 10 showcase for age-restricted content, and a TikTok-style news feed.

Netflix will make the kids’ TV experience more fun. The streaming provider is looking forward to the just introduced ‘Magic Chest’
Pictured: Riccardo Milani

The company recently acquired the rights to children’s writer Roald Dahl’s work, but some news reports say that Netflix has closed several animation projects.

The new Mystery Box feature can help kids find something new, interesting and interesting for them in a plethora of kids content on Netflix. A similar feature already exists on the streaming platform, where the “Play Something” button serves the same purpose.

Netflix’s latest earnings report highlights losing subscribers for the first time in ten years. The company also has layoffs this year. In April, the company launched a fan-side layoff of Tudum, and this week the company announced the layoffs of 150 more employees and dozens of entrepreneurs.

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