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This is how much a day would cost the world without the Internet

This is how much a day would cost the world without the Internet

10/11/2023 – The Internet has become such a part of our daily life that many people no longer think about what life would be like without it. Many people do social media detoxes or complete internet detoxes, but let’s face it, we will never be able to completely stop using the internet. This is a good thing anyway, because it is essential for life today. There are hardly any workplaces where the Internet is not used at least on a daily basis. Correspondence, meetings, using a drive, reading online magazines… Thanks to smartphones, anyone can find themselves on the World Wide Web at any time, and therefore most things are organized around the Internet.

But if we think about the fact that the Internet stops even for a whole day, we can find disturbing results. If we decide that there will be no Internet in the world tomorrow, it will lead to massive economic chaos.

According to data provided by the Atlas VPN team, one day without internet in the world would cost $43 billion. The United States and China together account for nearly half of this amount, raising $21 billion. In other words, exactly this amount of money will be wasted, so it will be necessary to keep the global economy above water level. This means 15,200,414,000,000 HUF per day. An almost untold amount, more than 15 trillion HUF…

The data is a NetBlocks They are based on measurements of his tool called decommissioning cost. Based on indicators from the World Bank, the International Telecommunication Union, Eurostat, and the US Census, the program estimates the economic impact of Internet outages, mobile data outages, or application restrictions.

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The United States, one of the countries that use the Internet the most, would face a huge loss of about $11 billion if it went a day without Internet access. Such a shutdown would shut down a significant amount of economic activity in the United States. Both consumer spending and business operations will suffer severely.

Many believe that access to the Internet should now become a basic human right. Governments or service providers should not restrict this.

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