This is how Jupiter's moon looks up close - photos

This is how Jupiter’s moon looks up close – photos

The recordings were made from a distance of about a thousand kilometers. In the past two decades, no spacecraft has been so close to this celestial body – He writes for the BBC News Portal.

Ganymede is one of the four moons (Galilean moons) discovered by Galileo on Jupiter and the largest in the solar system.

Juno’s photo shows the details of the huge moon that received many blows and cracks in special detail. The images were compared with recordings from the US space agency Galileo (1995-2003) and Voyager (1979) to determine if changes had occurred.

“This is the smallest distance a probe has approached this huge moon in decades. We will not be in a hurry to draw scientific conclusions, but at the same time we will simply admire this celestial miracle,” said Scott Bolton of the Southwest Research Institute. In San Antonio, project manager Juno.

Opening photo: MTI/EPA/NASA

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