“This is how I work now” - Szabó Szebasztián becomes the fourth 50 sq m

“This is how I work now” – Szabó Szebasztián becomes the fourth 50 sq m

Szabo Sebastian finished fourth at the 50m butterfly on Monday at the FINA Short Track Swimming Championships in Abu Dhabi.

Szabó Szebasztián believes he will become a world champion (Photo: Hédi Tumbász, Archive)


The Hungarian rider, who holds the world record (21.75) with Brazilian Nicolas Santos, proved a century faster than his biggest competitor in the semi-finals on Sunday with a time of 22.11 seconds.

Szabó had an impressive starting time of 0.57sec in the finals, but he was already at a disadvantage in the round and was clearly not going to fight for the win. He finished fourth with a time of 22.14 seconds. The gold medal was won by the 41-year-old Brazilian, making him the first world champion in swimming history at the age of 40.

“We just knew it back then. Fourth place is always the worst. I know it’s inside of me and there’s going to be a better time, this World Cup right now, I’m not in the best shape. No problem, we’re moving forward. Anyway, I had a great time all the time. Today, it is a pity that swimming did not work out very well, but I cannot say that either, because this time it is not so bad … I am still the world leader, but I am not a world champion yet – I will remain so ” – Szabó assessment of national sport.

Szabó won three gold medals at the European Championships in Kazan in November, but contracted coronavirus immediately after the fight, forcing him to miss two weeks.

In the noon program of the World Cup in Abu Dhabi, two more “Hungarian” finals were held: Balázs Holló took eighth place in the men’s 400m, and the women’s 4x200m was fifth.

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World Championships for the short course Abu Desby
Male 50m butterfly

1. Nicholas Santos (Brazil) 21.93 seconds
2 – Dylan Carter (Trinidad and Tobago) 21.98
3 – Matteo Revolta (Italy) 02.22.2020

400m men mixed
1. Seto Daiga (Japan) 3: 56.26 minutes

2. Ilya Borogen (Russian Swimming Federation) 3: 56.47
3. Carson Foster (USA) 3: 57.99
… 8. Baltis Hole 4: 11.81

Women’s 4 x 200m relay
1. Canada
(Samar McIntosh, Kayla Sanchez, Katrina Savard, Rebecca Smith) 7: 32.96%
2. US (Tori Husky, Abby Wetzel, Melanie Margalis, Big Madden) 7:36.53
3. China (Li Bing-zhi, Ching Yu-zhi, Zhou Ming-hun, Liu Ja-hsin) 7:39.92

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