This is how Gabi Tóth reacted to Vera Tóth's production of The X Factor on Saturday night

This is how Gabi Tóth reacted to Vera Tóth’s production of The X Factor on Saturday night

Gabe Toth is very proud of her brother, who sang a lot during Saturday’s live show, and her duo partner continued.

Saturday night’s X-Factor livestream brought a few fun momentsNot a star on stage. Among other things, she sang Vera Tooth, who has been famous in Megastar for many years.

He became famous overnight and it wasn’t easy for him. Since then, he has learned a lot, developed and still loves a lot. In the meantime, her sister, Gabe Toth, has also become a star, has made her name on TV, and most recently I’ll be a star! He was a master.

Vera said yes at the request of RTL and sang alongside Camila. One of the top chef knights was on stage again, singing in amazing voices, and the most beautiful production of the evening was theirs.

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Vera brings good luck to the little girl she sees in part. He was so appreciative of her, like Gabby. We can’t forget Camila’s performance either, probably the best now and really honest.

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