This is how F1 drivers go into ‘zombie mode’ for the Australian Grand Prix

Carlos Sainz has given an interesting insight into the F1 field’s struggles with time zones, which their long journey to the Australian Grand Prix forces them to do.

This weekend, the Formula 1 field will come to light. After two light-filled races in the Middle East, the third stop of the 2023 season will be away to Australia, where we will see this year’s field compete in sunlight for the first time.

For many of the participants, the Tour is a hump in the back, due to the long ride and the disconnection of the competition, and we could already hear voices of criticism in this regard last year. While Australia was the inaugural location for this year, participants had a way to acclimate and travel to the country early. In recent years, there is no way to do this, and as Carlos Sainz revealed on his social media page covering his Instagram story, this presents particular difficulties for competitors.

“I have to stay up on the first flight so I’ll tell you how a good jet lag plan works when flying to Australia” – wrote the Spaniard.

The first flight is seven hours to Dubai. chimney. It’s 8am in Melbourne so it’s important not to sleep! Plenty of caffeine is allowed, but most importantly, get some intense light exposure. Leave the reading light on, watch a movie, and just have fun. Quick visits to the bar to chat with a couple of colleagues who also work. It’s 22:30 in Europe, so it won’t be easy.”

However, the difficulties did not end with the first flight. Sainz later continued his story.

“A two-hour layover in Dubai, maybe in a zombie state after staying up all night. But it’s important to try, you can never fall asleep, just make sure you stay in bright places, in the sun or artificial light. That last dose of caffeine can help.” It will be seven in the morning in Europe, in the afternoon in Melbourne.”

Among other things, Sainz spent his time watching movies, then shared a sunrise photo with the caption: “Survival.” His watch showed 5:31 AM.

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“It takes twelve hours to fly between Dubai and Melbourne. I managed to stay awake for two hours and then sleep for ten hours because I was broke. I land in Melbourne at seven in the morning and try to stay up all day, be in the light and maybe play golf if the weather is good.” Or I might run on a stand-up paddleboard by the river.”

“My past experience tells me that at 7pm I will die and I want to sleep. But I will do my best.” Ferrari Driver Books.

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