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This is how diet can affect psoriasis

This is how diet can affect psoriasis

Although research is still being conducted on the relationship between food and psoriasis, there is more and more evidence for this A well-prepared diet can help – supplemented with the necessary medications and creams in relieving symptoms. In our article – A.S New medical today Below – we have collected the factors that it is advisable to pay attention to.

Aim for a normal body weight!

Experts believe that there is a significant relationship between psoriasis and obesity. Many studies have come to the conclusion that The higher the BMI, the more severe the symptoms of psoriasis – Increased chance of complaints by exactly 9%. This is why they advise those affected to pay special attention to their weight.

By following the right diet, you can alleviate the symptoms of psoriasis. Photo: Getty Images

Eat gluten-free!

Studies have shown that Psoriasis can predispose to celiac disease, otherwise known as gluten sensitivity. During one such research, 218 people with psoriasis and 264 healthy people were examined, and it was found that 4.1 percent of patients with psoriasis also had celiac disease, while only 1 percent of healthy people could detect gluten sensitivity.

If you notice gastrointestinal or skin symptoms after eating foods containing gluten, It is advisable to go for examination in this direction. If celiac disease is confirmed, you must switch to a gluten-free diet. You can read about the symptoms of the disease and the details of the special diet in our previous article.

Eat anti-inflammatory foods!

One , Clinical nutrition It turns out from a study published in the trade journal “. 46 people with psoriasis and overweight participated in the study, who reported significant changes after 3 and 6 months of dieting. Considered anti-inflammatory foods A delicacy that is high in fiber, rich in omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants Like oily fish, oilseeds, fruits and vegetables.

Psoriasis: It’s not pretty, but it’s treatable
Psoriasis is a very common skin disease that affects one in fifty people. It can occur in both women and men, and most often develops under the age of 35.

Leave this!

Several studies have already shown that added sugar can be very harmful to the body. Among other things, it also increases chronic inflammation, such as psoriasis It is recommended to either avoid it completely or reduce its consumption to a minimum. For the same reason, it is also worth saying goodbye to trans fats, which are commonly found in ready meals, baked goods, fast food and salad dressings. Consumption of alcohol and caffeine can also cause and worsen symptoms, but beware of strong spices as well.

Everyone is afraid of something. How well do you know phobias? – a test

Everyone is afraid of something.  How well do you know phobias?  - a test

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Win entrance tickets to Sárvár Medical and Wellness Spa!

Pay attention to your vitamin D intake, too!

You can get Vitamin D into your body naturally in two ways: when you sunbathe – it is produced in the skin as a result of sunlight – or through foods rich in Vitamin D – for example dairy products, salmon, mushrooms, etc. – consumption. According to experts Vitamin D is especially beneficial for psoriasis sufferersTherefore, it is recommended that the people concerned pay attention to their vitamin D levels. You can find information about what symptoms indicate its absence and what is a normal level in our previous article.

Other important factors

People who eat healthy are more likely to exercise – because one “invites” the other. To complete the treatment a Regular exercise is also recommended for psoriasis sufferersBecause it can improve their condition. the British Journal of Dermatology For example, in a study published in the journal, they reported the results of a 20-week exercise and diet program developed by trainers and nutritionists, which — by their own account — had a very positive effect on participants with psoriasis.

Not only does healthy eating teach you to love sports, but it also helps you feel better mentally. If the symptoms of psoriasis subside then Your mood may improve, you can overcome obstacles more easily, and you can handle stress more intelligently. The latter is particularly important in the case of psoriasis, as stress can exacerbate any symptoms that may be present, but it can also easily trigger complaints. By using various relaxation techniques, you can contribute more to our mental health.

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