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This is how Celine Dion, who suffers from a terminal illness, looks now – photo!

This is how Celine Dion, who suffers from a terminal illness, looks now – photo!

Antonia Eros: If you invite journalists to your wedding, they will also be present during your divorce trial

RTL's Herradosa also revealed whether they used to fight at home and what many people think about it since childhood.

Antonia Eros – who never talks about her private life – has now told InStyle why she keeps her family life away from the public.

“I don't have any big scandals, but of course we don't live like pigeons either. Of course, we also have quarrels and fights, but I've been with the same person for thirty years, and there haven't really been such scandals in our lives. But if they had happened, they wouldn't have happened in public.” the people.

I used to say: If you invite the press to your wedding, they'll be there for your divorce. Decide how much time you will let them in. “If you let prying eyes into your bedroom, they'll be there even if you don't want them to be.”

– said the RTL News correspondent.

He also revealed that he is not immune to criticism either. She often receives comments on social media because of her appearance, but she doesn't care what others think of her.

“They used to write things like: ‘Well, now you shouldn't wear a short skirt because it no longer suits you, and your nose is as big as a basilica doorknob.’ They ask that it is no longer appropriate at this time… and when it is no longer appropriate? Is there Any rules like that? I've never seen that written before, but I'd be happy to read the rule book, what you can wear until you're 25, and that's starting at 35, you can't wear bikinis and short skirts over 50…

Anyway, what does it have to do with who wears what? “Well, we can use our knives and tongues against others, but I don't really see the point.”

he added. He also talked about how since his childhood, because of his facial makeup, he was thought to be a distant and cold person, but if someone talks to him for a few sentences, he realizes that this is not true: “I look like this, but obviously if you talk to me in three words, you will realize “This is just an outward appearance, and I am not like that at all in everyday life.”

Video: Antonia Eros: If you invite the press to your wedding, they will be there for your divorce

source: 24. He

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