This is behind the meme: Ben Affleck guessed what meme he made

This is behind the meme: Ben Affleck guessed what meme he made

Ben Affleck His name is now jam-packed with Batman movies, and we’re fond of remembering him, but that wasn’t always the case — and the star himself doesn’t view it as a positive decision to take on the role of Justice in The Bat Costume. color legend a For the Los Angeles Times tell me that

How he became a meme from an interview in one of the bad moments of his life, known to people on the internet simply as “Sad Affleck”.

interview Batman vs Superman – Dawn of Truth Produced after the premiere of The Affileck: In the short video excerpt, it’s pretty amazing how lovable Affleck compares between Affleck and his spirited and energetic co-star, actor Henry Cavill. In addition to the fall of the film, he also contributed to the fact that

This period between 2016 and 2018 was disastrous for both his career and private life for the actor, whose alcohol problems in the meantime recur.

Here’s how he looked at this period:

I myself have gotten to the point where the public perception of who I really am is so different that I no longer read things about me or worry about them. But as my kids got older and started using the internet, it became very difficult. Even my own Sad Affleck meme, which I found very funny anyway. I mean, there weren’t any of us at that press conference who didn’t really feel that way. But out of context, my kids might think their dad has some basic problems, that they’re always sad and start to worry about me. This is a really difficult situation

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The star admitted.


Finally the great, David Toth stated: This made it difficult to get to know each other

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