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This horror movie is terrifying Netflix viewers, and will make you think twice about your next Airbnb booking!

This horror movie is terrifying Netflix viewers, and will make you think twice about your next Airbnb booking!

After Netflix's “Barbarian,” your opinion about Airbnb apartment rentals will definitely change. If you watch this movie, you will think twice before booking a place to stay in the future.

The film begins with a trivial situation, where two people by chance book the same apartment for rent, but after their arrival, a series of unexpected events await the heroes.


the Georgina Campbell Tess arrives one rainy night at a small house on the outskirts of Detroit. However, when he got there, to his great surprise, he actually found a man there, who claims that he had also rented the house. keith character, Bill Skarsgard shapes on it.

film director Zach Kriegerand his name is usually A “The whitest kids you know” Perhaps familiar in terms of comedies, with this opening, it gives the story an underlying atmosphere that is very exciting and full of tension, as it plays on the vulnerability of a woman who finds herself in an unexpected situation.


The film then reveals many mysteries and more strange details, which may often seem forced, but overall they capture the viewers' curiosity in an effective way.

Bill Skarsgardwhich is mostly “the” Best known for his portrayal of Pennywise in the film, he contributes to the film's tense atmosphere with his teasing looks, suggestive eye plays, and facial expressions.

Justin Long He later appears in the film as AJ. The film AJ is based on the character of a man in Hollywood who faces serious charges that could destroy his entire career. long It brings out the brutal nature of his character perfectly.

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Airbnb reservation failed

although “Barbarism” It doesn't really break new ground in the horror genre, as it can easily be compared to other horror films like “Blind Darkness”The motives of this work by Krieger imbue the viewer with exciting curiosity.

The film plays on real concerns like the issue of women's safety, and then, with an unexpected twist, amplifies an entirely different fear.

the “Barbarism” A film driven by the consequences of the characters' decisions, and although it often seems cliched, it still leaves a lasting impression on the viewer.

To Zach Krieger In 2009 he actually managed to publish a comedy work such as the “Miss March”But according to the news, he is currently working on another horror film, for which he also wrote the screenplay.


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