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“This has nothing to do with our relationship,” Victor Kirali was very interested in this

“This has nothing to do with our relationship,” Victor Kirali was very interested in this

King Victor You probably didn’t even think that with your new music Instagram post and subsequent proposal, you’d start something your fans are already going crazy over!

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Recently, the singer likes to post recordings in which he sings with minimal musical accompaniment. Well, those were all English-language songs, but Victor Kirali has one in his latest post Peter Mathew Share in its classic arrangement. Tell me, why do you love another person? Song title says that Evan Szenes It was performed in honor of the songwriter. Because of the song’s title, he quickly made it clear that the song had nothing to do with his relationship with his wife.

“Máté Péter – Why Do You Love Someone Else? Edited by Victor Kiraly! Hello! I thought I’d share this with you! I rarely sing such lovely slow songs, and in Hungarian! But this is one of my favorites! I hope you like it too! PS. (I tell the papers , This has nothing to do with our relationship, so don’t worry, no new nicknames are needed) Just listen and love!

Victor Kirali wrote in a recent post. The production received many accolades, without exception praising the performer and artist. Here are some comments: “Takes everything! Everything! Worships!”And “Goosebumps…awesome!!!”And “Well, you can sing songs like that a lot in front of the general public… awesome!”And “Victor!…you sang that so beautifully…so touching….thank you!”

These comments affected Victor so much that he reached for the keyboard again.

“Thank you so much everyone for your kind comments!!! That actually means a lot to me! There will be one! In fact, what did I say, should it be a piano evening like this? A concert? Where do they collect similar English and Hungarian songs and I simply sing them to you at the piano What did you say, so be it?”

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he asked, who started another wave.

“I like that!”

one fan wrote.

“I’d be happy there too 🙂 Yeah”

another answered.

“They’ll fly home there, for the first time in 13 years, that’s for sure.”

Third admitted.

What a denial, Victor Kirali was very involved in this!

What effect did this particular performance of this unusual song have on you?

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