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This has not been the case in the global economy since the height of the epidemic: Omicron can do it

This has not been the case in the global economy since the height of the epidemic: Omicron can do it

According to their report, in a month

Sixty-one percent of respondents became more pessimistic about the prospects for global economic growth.

As confirmed For the first time since the height of the coronavirus epidemic, the majority of companies surveyed have become more pessimistic than the previous month.

Home Check Forecast 120 great companies. The companies surveyed employ 6 million people and have a combined annual turnover of around $2 trillion. According to a December survey released Monday, just over 20 percent of respondents have improved in the past month.

In an earlier study by Oxford Economics, even before the omicron variant emerged, more than 40 percent of respondents said they were more optimistic about the growth prospects for the global economy.

Companies surveyed by the company’s new survey gave more pessimistic forecasts for global economic growth next year as a sign of a sharp deterioration in sentiment: The average global growth rate projected by companies surveyed for 2022 is currently 3.6 percent instead of 3.9 percent the previous month.

The most populous camp of respondents still expects global GDP to grow 4-6 percent next year, but the proportion likely to grow within that range has fallen from 45 percent in the previous survey to just under 40 percent, in While the proportion of these companies rose from 30 percent to nearly 40 percent, which considers a global growth rate of 2 to 4 percent next year is most likely.

The share of respondents who expect a performance of less than 2 percent between recession and stagnation, or a decline of 2-4 percent — a clear recession — in the global economy by 2022 has increased significantly, although it is still less than 10 percent.

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Next year’s global growth will also appear more pessimistic than other major London homes in its latest forecast. In its latest revised quarterly global outlook for London, credit rating agency Fitch said: It revised its forecast for global economic growth as a whole in 2022 from the 4.4 per cent it had forecast so far to 4.2 per cent.

According to the international credit rating agency, global growth continues to be hampered by supply-side bottlenecks, the main reason for this being the sharp drop in global demand that was previously suppressed by the coronavirus pandemic in nominal terms over the past year, but has not. Keep up with the pace of production.

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