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This gorgeous blonde shade is a favorite of 2024 hair color trends: honey blonde is irresistibly feminine.

This gorgeous blonde shade is a favorite of 2024 hair color trends: honey blonde is irresistibly feminine.

Honey blonde will be the biggest trend right now, as many people will ask their hairdresser for a lighter hair color. This tone creates a particularly natural effect and makes the look very feminine.

While last January, the platinum blonde and Different shades of icy blonde It has taken over fashion, and trends this year have moved much more towards natural waters. It seems that the warm and soft honey blonde color will now dominate the popularity lists, and according to the forecasts of major hairdressers, at least this creamy shade will be the most in demand in salons.

Honey blonde is far from a dull, almost white hair color, but the magic of the blonde hairstyle lies in it. Incredibly feminine and elegant, its attractiveness-enhancing effect is undeniable. However, despite everything Not abnormal at allEspecially when professionals combine it with some sort of highlighter paint.

Honey blonde is the most trendy hair color at the moment

While in the past, hair dye was defined by the fact that a person wanted blonde, brown or red, today more and more people emphasize small and subtle variations in the palette. There's also a difference between blonde and blond, while some people like the warmer shades, others should try cool, frosty versions.

for you know What is the ideal hair color for you?Make sure to pay attention to your skin tone and eye color. Those who prefer warmer shades can boldly embrace this year's most popular hair color. Since honey blonde creates a quite warm, creamy effect, it is best compared to beige or golden.

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Of course, ladies with cool skin tones don't have to give up the gorgeous, feminine honey blonde color either. Hairstylists are great at playing tricks with different shades, for example, a natural cream color works great for balayage. It can be boldly combined with any blonde color, but it also looks natural with light brown.

In fact, honey blonde hairstyle shines differently in all lighting conditions, which is why many people compare the elegant shade to gold and beige. Its popularity is no coincidence The stars have tried it before Emerging hair color trend.

For example, Jennifer Lopez has been asking her hairstylist for caramel-colored locks for a long time, but recently she tried the chic and trendy honey color.

In Rihanna's case, the change is perhaps even more dramatic, as is the case with the singer Changed from dark shade To obtain a creamy honey blonde shade. Although everyone knows exactly what Rihanna's original hair color is, the color does not look unnatural.

You don't have to go platinum blonde to update your look. This golden and beige tone can also bring enough change to your everyday look. Many of them are blondes Associated with platinumalthough more natural and warmer versions enhance the appeal just as much.

If you don't dare dye all of your hair, it may be worth using a highlighter first. Maybe with balayage dyeing you should try. When some strands are already shining a shade lighter, you'll be able to better see if it's worth lightening your hair strand. Be sure to entrust the procedure to a professional hairdresser, it is very easy to do at home In many cases it failsMoreover, warm blonde shades easily turn yellow, which is already quite far from the original idea.

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