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“This fourth place in the world championship is beautiful.” |  new word

“This fourth place in the world championship is beautiful.” | new word

The Paris World Cup mainly plays the role of a regular test competition before the Olympic Games. But, paradoxically, no one from the Slovakian delegation could stand the start in the French capital without returning to the Games next year. This fact is most painful in the case of the four kayak, as only the most populous of the kayakers can get stakes in the World Cup.

For the men, it all started well, as Denis Mischak, Samuel Palach, Kasaba Zalka and Adam Butik made it through the heats in full force, but had a cold shower in the middle race with a fifth-place finish and only made it to Final B.

“One in a million, that’s about how you can describe the difference between our two classes. I don’t know what happened. We didn’t have the middle pace, we used to take a little rest, and then our tempo just fell apart,” Bottic told our newspaper of the K4 500, which was He might console himself with Eric Flick at K2 the next day. day. But in the intermediate race, they just missed out on the Grand Final, finishing fourth. “We were only a tenth away from qualifying, which is hard to comprehend. It makes me angry, because if we lost by half a boat, I wouldn’t say anything, but a tenth is too little… I still think if we had been in the final, we would have done the stakes.” Sure. With Eric.” During his career, Botek has never reached the B final of a major world tournament. “It was very difficult to start that way, especially since we paddled the next day. So it was even more painful that we weren’t competing among the best,” said the talented kayaker, adding that such things either make them strong or break them. It will be the first, and next year we will fight for the doubles quota in the national championships.”

Yesterday, after our conversation, the quartet did indeed take to the water in Paris, but had to abandon the race after the preliminary race, precisely because of the wrist injury of Butik, who therefore could not complete the duet.

That’s all that came out of it

However, the Slovakian delegation was still able to make a final entry: Petr Geli and Akos Jaksal finished fourth in the K2 1000 metres, a non-Olympic distance. “We gave our all, we did our best. The rating is nice, it doesn’t hurt at all. Of course, when I got to the finish line in the boat I was a bit disappointed, even at that moment, it could have been a medal.” Much better, also from the point of view of the whole national team.But looking at the video, I could see that we weren’t so close to the Germans after all, I thought only the target shot decided between us, but no.We should have pushed hard in The last 200 metres, but after a stronger first 500 metres, there’s nothing left to do. Overall, we competed exactly as agreed, we did everything, and that’s all we got out of it,” Gili is rated by Új Szónak.

The kayaker from Parkanyi was also interested in singles, but he didn’t make it to the quota in the K1 1000, finishing in Final C. “If it weren’t for the doubles, I probably could have pushed harder in the heats, but getting to the final would have been questionable. And given the close numbers of the two, it was I have to choose, and I left C for good, but I don’t regret playing doubles at all.”I feel like the World Cup went the way it was supposed to,” the 39-year-old added, noting that after a little rest and study, he would start Prepare again and decide the future in this light.

Busy academic year

Bianca Seydoux saw the events in Duisburg as an investment in the future and as a serious experience acquisition. The boatswain from Somorja finished 7th in the middle race in K2 with Katarína Pečsukova, and in K4 (together with Réka Bugár and Mariana Petrušova) in 8th place, both times in the 500 metres.

“This week wasn’t the most brilliant week of my career, we could have done more in the races. The quad wasn’t too bad, unfortunately we couldn’t get it up to speed in the doubles, the rivals left in the last metres. I’m sad I won’t be there in Paris, But this year has been a real learning year for me.It will be a good rest after the slightly more relaxed competitions in Paris,” 19-year-old Bianca Seydoux told our newspaper.

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