This caused the largest climate disaster in the world

To understand why the world’s largest climate catastrophe occurred, scientists took a look at a specific event. When a volcanic eruption in Siberia today released massive amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. However, evidence suggests that the climate may have changed before then.

He obviously left his mark on this planet

As noted by experts, sea surface temperatures rose by more than 6-8 degrees Celsius in the hundreds of thousands of years before the Siberian eruption. After that, the temperature started to rise again, but to the point that it was

It led to the extinction of 85 to 95 percent of all species living at the time.

The outbreak in Siberia has clearly left its mark on the planet, but experts are still confused about the likely cause of the initial warming.

Scientists have determined the cause of the largest climate disaster in the worldSource/illustration: Katrina Kenny

According to our research, ancient volcanoes in Australia played a major role Said Timothy Chapman, Postdoctoral Fellow in Geology at the University of New England ScienceAlert Online science portal. Before the Siberian Incident, catastrophic eruptions erupted in northern New South Wales on the East Coast.

On the other hand, these volcanic eruptions were so large that they caused the world’s largest climate catastrophe ever: evidence of this is hidden deep in the thick “sediment piles” of Australia.

In the footsteps of ancient volcanoes

The temper nature A study now published in the journal confirms that eastern Australia was shaken by frequent “super breaks” 256 and 252 million years ago, and they differ from the more negative events in Siberia in several respects.

But is it possible to survive the eruption of a giant volcano?Source: Flickr

Today we see evidence of this in the light-colored layers of volcanic ash in sedimentary rocks Ian Metcalfe, assistant professor at the University of New England, noted. These strata are found in large areas of New South Wales and Queensland, all the way from Sydney to near Townsville.

He added that the study identified the source of this ash in the New England region of New South Wales, where the remains of eroded volcanoes are preserved.

Although erosion has removed much evidence, the rocks, now seemingly harmless, are “records of terrible eruptions.” The thickness and spread of the resulting ash is consistent with some of the largest known volcanic eruptions.

How big is this “super blast”?

Experts say at least 150,000 cubic kilometers of material erupted from volcanoes in northern New South Wales in four million years. For this reason, they are similar to the giant volcanoes of Yellowstone in the United States and Topo in New Zealand.
From perspective: the eruption of Vesuvius in AD 79, which destroyed the Italian city of Pompeii, produced only 3-4 cubic kilometers of rock and ash; The eruption of Mount Saint Helens in 1980 means about one cubic kilometer Luke Millan, a researcher at the University of New England, explained. On the other hand, Australian eruptions have covered the entire eastern coast several times, with ash up to a meter thick in places, while the massive influx of greenhouse gases has caused global climate change.

‘traditional’ volcanic eruptionSource: pixabay

He added that ancient sedimentary rocks provide a kind of timeline for environmental damage from eruptions. Ironically, the evidence is preserved in the coal fields.

Current coal deposits in eastern Australia show that much of the land was covered with ancient forests. However, after massive eruptions, these forests abruptly ended 252.5 to 253 million years ago, in a series of wildfires lasting about 500,000 years. Then the ecosystem collapsed and most of the animals became extinct.

Subsequent outbreaks in Siberia exacerbated the devastation of Australia’s giant volcanoes.

The catastrophic event affected all ancient continents. It had a great influence on the development of life; Which eventually led to the emergence of dinosaurs.

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