This bank account is really free!  What is the guarantee?

This bank account is really free! What is the guarantee?

There are more of them in the local commercial banks Bank account Currently also available, which offers free basic fee and card use. The CIB ECO account package can only be requested through Bankmonitor However, it is completely free: in addition to the basic fee and a bank card, you do not have to pay for transfers and notifications.

What does a Bankmonitor guarantee mean?

With the CIB ECO, available only through Bankmonitor, you can conduct your banking transactions absolutely free for two years, which Bankmonitor provides a unique guarantee.

Accordingly, if the bank still charges a cost that is included in the free clauses of the terms of the contract, then the bank controller He pays you 30,000 HUF.

What are the free services with the CIB ECO bank account available at Bankmonitor?

Free CIB ECO Bank Account Guaranteed for 2 Years very favorable Service package, which can only be requested via Bankmonitor. The single rate package is free for most transactions and services.

Thus, the total annual cost of the bank account is zero HUF, and the following can be used free of charge for the first two years:

  • Basic Fee (opening an account, annual account management fee)

  • Bank card (issuance fee, annual fee)

  • Transactions (Net Banking / Dedicated Mobile Bank Transfer, Direct Debit Order, Permanent Transfer)

  • Card usage (card purchase, cash withdrawal*)

  • Notifications (if arrived as push messages).

  • In addition to all this, you do not need to pay a transaction fee.

* You can either use the legal duty-free option (2 withdrawals per month, totaling no more than 150,000 HUF from any ATM in Hungary), or withdraw no more than 400,000 HUF from a CIB ATM once per month.

Opinion All discounts available On the relevant page of Bankmonitor.

How can you apply for a CIB ECO bank account?

1. Visit Bankmonitor’s free bank account page, where you can learn about additional features and terms of the system.

2. Use the calculator on the page to find out which account packages best suit your banking habits, and click the “Attention” button next to the selected plan.

3. After that, you can also start the application online, which means you can easily open your new account from home. Bankmonitor experts will of course help you throughout the process if you get stuck.

What are the conditions?

Get a FREE CIB ECO Bank Account Guaranteed It is enough that the amount corresponding to the minimum wage reaches your account every month (A total of 200,000 forints in 2022, equivalent to 133 thousand forints net). It is important to enter orders on an electronic interface – netbank, mobile application – and request notifications via push messages. An additional condition is that You do not have an existing CIB account.

Online account opening must be initiated through Bankmonitor. If you need help with the process, Bankmonitor’s bank account experts are at your disposal.

Before making any decision, you should familiarize yourself with all the terms of free service and warranty:

Detailed terms of bank account are given in CIB ECO for Consumers, List of Conditions, Special Business Rules for Bank Accounts and Payments for Individual Consumers and Merchants, General Rules for Home Business, which can be found at as well as at CIB branches. Additional terms and conditions are set out in the CIB Bank Zrt promotional rules. To open accounts via Bankmonitor for retail clients, as well as lists of conditions for CIB ECO and CIB ECO Plusz bank accounts. Bankmonitor’s guarantee does not apply to costs imposed by law after account opening. The wrongly charged amount cannot be considered, but later settled or refunded by CIB Bank Zrt. , in violation of the HUF 0.00 fee.

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