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This app gives you a good reason to put your front camera together

This app gives you a good reason to put your front camera together

An independently developed app that makes pinhole camera surfaces a useful area.

When it comes to smartphone users, the general public can be divided into two very different types of people: those who bother to keep their camera lenses clean, and those who quietly upload beach selfies blurred by greasy fingerprints to social media, so why It must. Important? How does the image content appear?

If you’re one of those, you’ll love the Android app that turns your front-facing camera into a freely configurable action button.

The free app, called Touch The Notch, comes from a developer called Dubiaz, and is designed specifically for devices that use what’s called a pinhole camera design, meaning there’s a small hole on the screen for the front-facing camera.

After installing the app, this black dot becomes a touch-sensitive interface that can be connected to any interactions. Accordingly, the user can define how the camera cutout reacts to single and double taps, long presses, or swipes in different directions, and assign commands to gestures such as turning on the flashlight, taking screenshots, playing music, and so on.

We don’t guarantee this will work for everyone, as most smartphones today have a fairly large screen, so you may have to squeeze to get to the surface above the panel. In return, the developers promise not to collect user data, which is fine for them, if that’s the case.

If, based on the above, Touch The Notch is causing the fever You can get it from the Google Play Store.

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