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Third place and a lot of experience

Third place and a lot of experience

The Hungarian U-16 team once again participated in the prestigious tournament held in Sweden, which is the most important international event for the age group. In the end, the boys won the bronze medal and completed a useful and successful developmental championship and season. It's a great lesson that you have to become more physically prepared, even at this age.

He added: “Our goal was to create an environment for the players through this high-quality and difficult tournament that does not happen every day, I mean two or three matches a day and competitions against excellent teams. Moreover, we wanted to show the level of Hungarian hockey in this age group.” – Tell Robert peter The head coach evaluates the Modo Cup in Örnsköldsvik.

This time too, some players were missing from the team, some were unable to travel due to injury, but there were also players who traveled to Calgary for their development with the U18 national team.

“We structured the season in such a way that, in parallel with development, we could find the best players in the Modo Cup age group. During selection, we took into account that the particular player could be taught and coached well. The basic requirements were good physical abilities, excellent work ethic, and versatility physical, high level of off-ice work, outstanding skills – skating, passing, shooting, puck handling, physical play – good hockey sense, decision making under pressure. We selected based on the principles of the type of mentality the player has, so that he can Dealing with his task and performance and focusing on what he can control and influence. The head coach added.

Robert Peter said that they planned to progress through the tournament step by step, not counting, and asked the players to enjoy the game and just focus on their performance, to do their best. The overall picture was positive, and the team was able to move forward every day.

The Hungarian national team played eight matches in four days, in a 2-2-3-1 formation, and the duration of the matches was 2 x 20 minutes, with a 5-minute break between halftime.

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Below are short reviews of meetings from Robert Peter.

Modo – Hungary U16 3-1

We played the first match on the first day against the host. We started very well, took the lead, completely dominated the first 15 minutes, and then conceded a goal before the end of the third period, which came at a rather bad time. At the beginning of the second half, the opponent scored from a man advantage, in this period we ran behind the score. We failed to regain control and in the 15th minute we scored the third goal. In general, we did not play badly, we controlled the first half of the match, and then we were unable to recover after conceding goals.

Golden Wings – Hungary U16 1-4

We started well, played the right way all the time, and worked well both forward and back. We won the match.

Klagenfurt – Hungary U16 2-0

We entered the game well, creating many big chances, and unfortunately we were not able to score in this match, even though we played well. In the end, the final score was 2-0 with a clean goal.

Timra – Hungary U16 1-4

We started the second match of the day against Timra very well, and we were able to score in the first substitution, then two minutes later we scored another goal. At the beginning of the second half, we scored two goals in half a minute, thus winning the match against a very good competitor.

Bo Hockey – Hungary U16 0-2

Bjorklofen IF – Hungary U16 2-2

Timra – Hungary U16 3-0

On the third day, a match awaited us. Everything was open in terms of classification. Five of the seven teams had the same result. Thanks to our excellent defence, we were able to win our first match 2-0. In the second, we played to a draw in an emotional, irregular and physical match on the part of the opponent. With this tie, we got second place in the group. The semi-finals were played on the same evening, where we played against Timra, who finished third in the group, and whom we had managed to defeat earlier. The draw was not in our favor, but I was happy with the challenge. We only played three matches on the third day. The first two matches exhausted a lot of us, we played honorably against Timra, but we did not have the ability to penetrate, we ran behind the opponent almost all the time.

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Klagenfurt-Hungary U16 2-4

On the last day, we played the bronze match against Klagenfurt, everyone was excited, and in the end, in a match with great attention to detail, fighting to the max, we managed to get third place on penalties! I'm proud of you guys!

The question is, what did the crew like most about this tournament and what didn't suit them or what proved to be a flaw.

“The bottom line is that everyone in the jersey works hard and is motivated. I really liked the way the guys fought for each other, the locker room and the benches were positive the whole time, and everyone did their job to the best of their ability. My greatest sense of absence comes from How physically unprepared we are for this level. Here, everyone is stronger, faster and can handle the load better. I have said many times that you have to become an excellent athlete to be able to play hockey at a high level. Consistent work done during the week is very important. In hockey, the physical part of the athlete is the easiest to develop. It's all about attitude, you have to understand the importance of that, and if you invest time and energy, it will pay off sooner or later. At the same time, I am convinced that we concluded a successful tournament in terms of development, and felt The guys are like that too. They enjoyed getting better every day. We were able to participate in a special place, a special tournament, where the level was excellent, which greatly helped the development, in a city where it's all about hockey. It was a great experience for the players as we played the bronze match at Högglunds Arena, the 7,000-seat arena for the local SHL team. At the end of the tournament, we were lucky enough to take the players to a Modo-Örebro SHL match, which was a great experience for all of us.” Robert Peter said.

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Hungary's under-16 squad in the Modo Cup:

Marton Benedek Gyulai A goal keeper With it
Aaron Warwasowski A goal keeper Boston Hockey Academy
Apostle Kilian Milan F Yay
Bertha Christophe Oliver F With it
Pisini Botonde Dr JJSA rudder
Attila Akos Bryhill F Yay
Pence Sebastian Gazo Dr Yay
Istvan Miklós Gyulai F Yay
Hermann Balazs Bende Dr Yay
Peter Horvath Tertak F Coco
Goalkeeper Matty Levente F With it
Milan Carande F With it
Peter Kornilov Dr With it
Daniel Adam Magyar Dr Coco
Great Buttond Dr Yay
Mark Oztoyx Dr Yay
Adrian's door F FEHA 19
Agoston Schmidt F TPS (fin)
Mark Vaniolos F Yay


Robert peter Union coach
Mihaly Jenny trainer
Balazs Verba trainer
Chaba Mathi Goalkeeper coach
Balazszlo Physiotherapist
Norbert Burros Equipment manager
Ola is gone Team leader
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