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Third.  Neighborhood – Óbuda-Békásmegyer |  An exciting blend of quality flavors and theatrical entertainment

Third. Neighborhood – Óbuda-Békásmegyer | An exciting blend of quality flavors and theatrical entertainment

There is a special place at Lake Balaton where when the sun goes down it transforms into an open-air theater. A place whose mission is to build community, color and enrich the local cultural life through real Neapolitan pizza to theatrical performances. Gastroyard for you – experience with you. This place is Szigliget Castle. A classic reimagined, an exciting blend of quality flavors and theatrical entertainment.

the A series of events extends throughout the summer On June 30th Gabor Presser – Dusán Sztevanovity – Peter Horvath: The Attic It starts with his musical score. The Ferris 1 stage show is directed by György Bohm, which, in addition to the opening show, can be seen 3 more times in July and August.

One of this year’s Fairys Theater 1 performances has been invited to the series of events Beautiful Summer’s Day Newton Musical, also directed by Gyorgy Bohm, winner of the Jászai and Nádasdy Kálmán Awards. The performance will be shown for 3 evenings in July.

To this day, Neoton songs are not missing from any decent house party – no matter the age! It is probably no exaggeration to say that these songs are as popular in Hungary today as ABBA’s.

You have to wait, more than two hundred and twenty, Santa Maria, Don Quixote, Pago Pago, If You Dance Saturday Night, Tiny’s Song, Until Tomorrow Dawn and many more songs will be performed in the performance.

Theater organized by Ferris 1 Theatre offers It can also be seen at Sándor Csányi: How do we misunderstand women? his comedy Kern Andras Lovold Square Its production will Budoch: They didn’t even offer that Tavern song László Dés – Péter Geszti – Krisztián Grecsó: Pál Street Boys Musical directed by Laszlo Vandorff. Here comes the Hungarian rock legend, John Brody.

Friends, culture, panorama, music, Balaton.

We are waiting for you in Szigliget, which will open on June 30, and close on August 14.

Location: Várudvar, Szigliget, Kisfaludy u. 30, 8264 | GPS: 46.87156877107587, 17.417362374011127

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