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Third. King Caroli is indeed the record holder

Third.  King Caroli is indeed the record holder

Although the feature film The King’s Speech was already a huge hit — Brits haven’t heard The King’s Speech at Christmas for 70 years — several generations have grown up believing it. Christmas Day was filled with a traditional message from Queen Elizabeth.

His successor, King Carole, now had 10.7 million viewers, at least that many tuned in to the BBC and ITV on Christmas Day, at three in the afternoon. This kind of viewing hasn’t been seen for two decades – the Queen’s final speech at Christmas, for example, was watched by “only” 8.9 million Brits.

In the eight-minute performance, the new monarch remembered his parents, Prince Philip and II. About Elizabeth. He also touched on the crisis of living and talked about those who help in their communities.

It may be confusing to some abroad that Carolei did not speak live: 12 days earlier, on December 13, he had pre-recorded the speech at the royal estate at Sandringham in the county of Norfolk. In fact, however, the Queen’s speeches have also been pre-recorded since the 1960s.

Sandringham has been the private property of British royalty for four generations. II celebrated his 96th birthday here. Elizabeth, this is where the royal family usually spends Christmas … And here was the famous “summit meeting” where they decided what to do with Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, who wants to give up her royal duties and have more independence, and her husband, Prince Harry – who It is not mentioned in the current royal discourse.

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However, Karolyi could have done so, because a Netflix biopic series aimed at exposing Harry and Meghan that contains serious references first aired a few days ago. The royals have remained silent ever since, though the Sussexes make more unsavory comments about them in later episodes of the series.

One theory as to why Harry hasn’t gotten his revenge yet is just that

Karolyi wants to see what’s included in Harry’s autobiography, which was announced in early January.

According to The Mirror, this is why the king has delayed deciding on the royal title for his grandchildren Harry, Meghan’s son Archie and daughter Lilibet until after the book has been published. The two grandsons already hold the title of Royal Highness, but the King decides whether they can use their rank.

According to The Times, Harry’s biopic, Spear, expected to be released on January 10, will be more scandalous than the critically panned Netflix series, but sources say Harry’s childhood will be emphasized more in comparison to the recent drama.

Meanwhile, the British press, which the Sussex couple viewed as hostile, wrote that they had been besieged by Netflix. Meghan reportedly didn’t like the final version of the docu-series. So far, only this program has been set up for the company, while because of the repossession of property, they themselves have to cover the costs of companies that care about their security.

Editorial photo: MTI/AP/Pool/PA/Victoria Jones

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