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Third.  Karolyi visits Romania for the first time as king

Third. Karolyi visits Romania for the first time as king

It is not yet known how long he will stay.

Nikolai Siuka The Romanian prime minister confirmed on Tuesday that he will visit Romania on June 2 Third. Charlesthe monarch of the United Kingdom who was crowned ten days ago, according to MTI.

After Tuesday’s meeting of the National Liberal Party, which he heads, the Romanian prime minister responded to the press report that Karolyi, who used to regularly visit his estates in Transylvania and the heir to the throne, would soon return to Romania as a crowned ruler.

Ciuca emphasized that the visit is on the agenda of the Bucharest government, and that the Council of Ministers he heads is involved in preparing the visit with the Presidential Office and other institutions. However, when asked how many days King Charles would spend in Romania, he replied: He does not know.

Romanian newspapers quoted unnamed official sources, on Monday, the upcoming visit of the British monarch, which is said to include, in addition to the protocol program in Bucharest, the estate of King Karoli in Szászfehéregyháza (Viscri) in the province of Brasov.

Adevarul know that iii. It was agreed that King Charles would visit at his coronation ceremony Klaus Iohannis The president and his wife, as well as the holder of the title of Regent of the Romanian throne Princess MargaretAnd I am Micheal The daughter of a former Roman king also participated.

As Prince of Wales, Karolyi has been a regular guest in Romania since 1998. He also bought several houses in Transylvania and a country farm in Zalanpatac in Sicklefold, which he visited almost every year. The British royal family also has Transylvanian-Hungarian roots: mother-in-law, Redi Claudia He was born in Erdőszentgyörgy in Maros County in 1812 and raised in Rhédey Castle there.

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