Things don’t go well for Ezek, another defeat, and on home soil

In the 23rd round of the HNL Croatian First Championship, Ezek lost 1-0 at home to Varásd.

(Photo: NK Osijek)

Croatian 1. HNL
Round 23
NK Osijek (Osijek) – Varazdin 0-1 (Druzhdik 28.)
I am eating,
City stadium. Led by: Jovic

Osijek appealed to the fans with a request that if they wanted to see the Osijek-Varasdin champions, they should help free the stadium from the captivity of a large amount of snow. As a result of the city’s co-operation, they managed to organize the match, and young and old worked together—among these, perhaps out of joy at a job well done, started playing snowballs after the match had started, but were quickly dissuaded by the referee with the help of a loudspeaker.

This was largely why the fans were delighted in the first half, as their chances were small, one might say stray, but routine Mihret Topcagic shot them wide, on the other side Domagog Drozdik He calmly deflected Michel Sego’s fancy pass.

After the turn, Josip Spoljaric’s poor scoring and Topcagic’s inaccurate header caused hot minutes in front of the far goal, and although Osijek had a great field advantage, he was unable to score a goal.

Sometimes a defender intervenes, sometimes the crossbar saves the guests from a goal: in February, over four rounds, the Eszczecin residents scored one orphan point, but still finished third.

minute by minute

90 + 5. The match exceeded a minute!

Four minutes to appear.

88th minute Last guest exchange. Brodick and Ticklesh Down, Mateja Kolaric and Lovro Banović juice.

84th minute Zivković heads a pass from the right in front of the goalkeeper.

The 80th minute, Neil Omirovich and Nikola Janic On the field, Lovric and Barry fell.

79th minute Advertiser Renee Boms He receives a yellow card.

Almost 70 percent of the hosts had the ball, shot on goal 8 times, hit the roof 3 times, but it’s still zero.

72nd minute Yorgo Pelumbi, Albania’s U-21 national team, is the Japanese on the field lord in the place. replace the guard.

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69th minute Castles of Venezuela Andres Herrera Substitution, Bilge is applauded by the audience, who is also a candidate Igor Postungsky On the road.

Minute 66 Jujović shot from 16 meters, with Tekelic heading in front of the goal. Barry’s pass from the left from the right corner of the five was sent by Jugović to the right goal, but the goalkeeper saved it well.

Minute 63 Jurcevic’s pass from the right nearly reached the far corner, but the ball hit the crossbar. Zivković flies for the rebound, but falls off the field near the post and breaks the snow mound in front of him. A rare sight.

Minute 63 Jugović tops Lovric’s left pass over the crossbar with a nice move from the right corner of the five.

The 61st minute, Marin Leovac Received a yellow card for kicking Urata.

The 60th minute Jarzan had to be lowered down on a stretcher, he accidentally collided with Bilge, who was bandaged. Mario Jurcevich replace

Minute 57 Topcagic didn’t do well today, Philip Zivkovic Replaces the tip in place of the wedge.

55th minute After Bilge’s pass, Brodick makes a poor pass from a promising position for five.

53rd minute position, Topcagic leads Lovric’s right corner kick from the seventh into the goalkeeper’s lap from the middle.

Minute 51 The combination of Spoljaric and Lovric is great, but Ba doesn’t allow the latter to shoot in front of the right corner of the five. His brother El-Hajj, who was raised by Paris Saint-Germain, played for Sunderland, Sochaux and Lens.

Minute 47 Spoljaric scissors bad after Barri corner on the right, Pilj cleans the five.

46. ​​A minute we continue!

The home team had 62 percent of the ball, they shot on goal 6 times, not once on the surface of the goal, and the ratio on the other side is 4/1.

Top scorers in this match from the recent past:
Mirko Maric 3
Ivan Milicevic 3
Ramon Mirez 3
Goran Mojanovic 3
Carlo Primorac 3

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45 + 2. The first half is more than a minute!

one minute.

44th minute Sego headed Urata’s pass from the far left corner of the goal from the right corner of the five.

40 minutes Topcagic broke in on the field goal, with Spoljaric starting, but Jelenic slid in at their own 16-yard line.

39th minute Topcagic shoots straight from the 14th, from center to bottom left.

Minute 36 Sego starts off with great moves, Nejasmic kicks him quickly, and then Stanic’s pass isn’t the right pass.

Minute 32 On the counter, Malenica swung left and fired Sego’s 20-meter shot from the bottom right corner.

Minute 31 Lovric with the ball from 17, Barry shoots a defender from 19.

Drozdijk, who grew up in Varasd, played for Hajduk and Dortmund, then served in the legion in South Korea.

The 28th minute, the guests are in the lead! DOMAGOJ DROZDEK intercepted Sego’s pass from the right in front of the left corner of the five and kicked the ball between Malenica’s legs and into the bottom left corner of the goal. 0-1!

Minute 24 Lovric hits the target with his right from the 16th, but Ba intervenes and the ball lands on Zelenica’s lap.

21. THE MINUTE ZICCER, With Barry lifted, Topcagic starts, but goes a long way when he gets into the 16th, and the goalkeeper flies in front of him.

Of course, Malencia recently played in Diosgir.

20 minutes Malinicka deflects a right-footed pass from Sego from the right in front of the goal-hungry attackers. Michelle Sigo from Hajduk is 22 years old, and she is a multiple member of Team U.

Pilj once assisted Eszék with 16 Canadian points in 118 games, and played several times on Kleinheisler’s side.

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In the fifteenth minute, Bale was very lively, and his fine start was stolen from Brodich’s feet by Malinicka in the left corner of the five.

More than 12 minutes! Drozdijk got off to a great start off Bleg’s pass down the left side, and volleyed the ball back into the bottom right corner of the right 11.

Seventh minute Lovric is in position, but Stanic tackles him in front of the five’s left corner. Before that, Grzan was run over by the Japanese in the middle of the road Mr. Itsuki, Then he gets a yellow card. You can be glad it’s only yellow…

The fourth minute, the home center B must be warned for the second time not to throw snowballs at the players …

3 minutes With hard driveways, hotspots are also recommended for cons.

1. Minutes the game started!

The home team wear blue and white shirts and blue shorts, while the visitors wear solid red.


We are informed: the snow has been cleared, there will be a match!

A little eternal balance: 67 matches, 33 in Eszczecin and 19 in Varazdin with success, 95, respectively. With kicks 81 goals.

from the local population Ramon Mérez, Siberko, Migo Cactas, and Ivan Violich injured.

After a tight first half, hosts Istra 1961 could not make things difficult in the second half, and in the end, NK Osijek suffered a 1–0 defeat in Pula in the 22nd round of the Croatian First Football Championship (1st HNL).

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