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They’ve been hiding their love for years, but… it turns out: a couple are RTL stars

They’ve been hiding their love for years, but… it turns out: a couple are RTL stars

Their love lasted for four years.

Recently, RTL viewers have been sitting in front of televisions Aybuke Pusat and Furkan Andic, who are Mariam They were the heroes of a Turkish series, and now the new series is running on Isaura TV, prof You are everywhere They play a couple in love.

The couple are a couple not only in the series, but also in real life, although it is not known why, this is not publicly acknowledged to this day, despite the fact that they fell hugging each other in the street several times. The young people recently visited Italy, where they posted several photos, but of course they are not together in any of them, which the Turkish press and the general public are enjoying.

Of course, it is understandable that they do not want to live their lives in the public eye, but when it turns out that they are a married couple, it makes no sense to pretend that it is just media fiction – writes Telenovella magazine.

This isn’t the first time they’ve logged in on their Instagram pages from the same page, but it didn’t bother them before, they simply denied having any ‘like’ relationship with each other. According to their claim, there is only a good friendship between them, and Aybüke was upset when they got home because the journalists at the airport had dared to assume that they came from the same place.

Why don’t they admit their relationship?

The pair got together on the set of You or Everything, and it’s been over four years since then. After the end of the series, they immediately went on vacation together, but Aybüke said it was a friendly vacation, and he’s been doing it ever since.

According to some, the reason for the secrecy at first was because one of Aybüke’s very close friends, Deniz Dilan Cicek (Burning Feelings), used to be Furkan’s partner. Dylan Cicek is said to have taken her seriously when they met, and immediately followed Aybüke on his social media pages. And young people did not want to hurt him even more by declaring their love in the press. That’s right, it’s been a long time, many people don’t understand why they still have to hide their love.

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